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  1. VRSF 4” Intercooler, thoughts?

    Evo X Performance
    Does anybody run this? If so how does it compare to the ETS, Map, AMS brands. It’s priced aggressively cheap compared to the mom. However I’m familiar with their products from when I had a 135i and I’m curious about this...
  2. ETS Intake For Sale

    For Sale (car parts)
    Hey everyone. Hope you all are having a great week so far. I have an ETS Intake I'm selling for my old Evo X. I bought the car with grand plans and then I got married... I have since sold the car and I am now selling the intake. It's brand new. the box that it came in was just a shipping box...
  3. Evo X ETS titanium single exit exhaust

    Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, new to the forums and my first post. Excited to be apart of the evo fam :rock: Just picked my Evo up about a month ago totally stock. Is going to be my daily driver for now. Already have my mod list together but there’s one thing I can’t decide on and that’s the exhaust. No I’m not...
  4. NEW ETS 3.5 Intercooler, UICP, LICP, Grimmspeed 3port

    For Sale (car parts)
    ETS UICP Kit- $220 shipped
  5. MHI, ETS Boltons, 93 Octane - 2015 Evo X

    Evo X Dyno
    Hello, My first tune netted 330whp, 380trq with ETS boltons (Cobb AP, Intake, CBE, FMIX, Charge Pipe). The second tune (same tuner, same dyno) netted 400+whp and 350torque. Tuner bumped the torque down to save the life of the clutch. This tune includes MHI 18K Turbo, 1300cc Injectors, Fuel...
  6. WTB: AMS DP, ETS HFC, WORKS Short shifter, CNT catback,

    Wanted to buy
    Hello Folks!, Black Friday is coming and I will be on a shopping spree soon... Here are my wishlist to buy. I'm open for any deal, new or used. Message me your price or let me know and I'll offer my best offer. AMS Downpipe ETS high flow cat WORKS short shifter package CNT catback exhaust/...
  7. 2014 GSR Bolt-Ons Dyno

    Evo X Dyno
    So I just got back from UMS Tuning here in Mesa, AZ and here are my results. Tony managed to get 330HP and 331lbft of torque out of my car on 91 pump gas. My mods consist of an ETS intake, upper intercooler pipe kit, V2 regular exhaust, test pipe, and a Grimmspeed EBCS. I'm pretty happy with the...
  8. Kire's 2014 Mercury Gray Pearl GSR Build

    Evo X Build Journals
    Hey what's going on guys? This is my 2014 Mercury Gray Pearl Evo X. I just got her back in November of 2016 with 34k miles from a local dealership. She is bone stock at the moment until this weekend when my bolt ons get installed. The car and guys like CZero Media, Street Speed 717, B is for...
  9. ETS O2 Dump Downpipe For Sale!!!

    For Sale (car parts)
    Hello All, Selling my ETS open dump downpipe pipe that has only 6k miles on it for $400. Located on Long Island, but I am willing to ship. You pay shipping/paypal. I have several videos of how the open dump sounds on the car and it's incredible. It LITERALLY scared me the first time I got on...
  10. Evo X Open Dump - Calgary, AB

    Evo X General
    Hello, I'm looking for anyone in the Calgary area who has a open dump downpipe. I'm hoping someone would be generous enough to take me for a ride so I can hear what it sounds like. I currently have a ETS Test Pipe & ETS Quiet Catback because I didn't want any drone on the highway, Now looking...
  11. ETS V2 Standard or quiet?

    Evo X Performance
    Cant decide which one I want to go with. I want something louder than stock but I do commute almost an hour every day. would the standard be too loud for me? Im young, so i can deal with some drone
  12. Atmosphere DP to Recirculating DP ??

    Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, I've just picked up a '12 GSR. It has an ETS Vent to atmosphere downpipe, which sounds awesome and angry, but this is going to be my DD and I'd prefer not to wake up the entire neighbor hood. So... Would a re-tune would be necessary if I swapped that out with a recirculating one, or...
  13. Any other mods for under 3000?

    Evo X Performance
    I have a 6 month old 2014 evo x gsr and I am buying my first stage of mods next week, and was wondering if anyone has any input on important parts I am missing or should definitely be getting. I am new to modding and I am not going to get carried away with upgrading right now, just concerned...
  14. Tune Question

    Evo X Tuning
    I have a 2014 evo x gsr and I have been driving it mod free since I got it new in August of 2014. I am highly considering getting an ETS v2 Cat Back exhaust along with an ETS CAI, and possibly UICP. Also, I am getting the COBB v3 accessport. First question I have is 1. Am I okay with just buying...
  15. ARK DT-S ceramic coated exhaust opinions?

    Evo X Performance
    im sorry in advance if i posted this thread at a wrong category.. anyways.. I have ARK DT-S (ceramic coated) exhaust for evo X and i think its too quiet for my taste.. i have the additional test pipe but im not trying to void the warranty as of yet since ive only owned the car for 2 months...
  16. ~~~~~Sale on all Extreme Turbo Systems parts. ETS SALE

    Merchant Marketplace
    We are having a sale on all Extreme Turbo Systems parts (ETS) For pricing please PM, email or give us a call for forum pricing! You can browse all ETS parts on our website HERE
  17. Motion Lab tuned 2010 EvoX 289whp/306wtq with basic mods and a qaulity tune.

    Evo X Dyno
    Motion Lab tuned 2010 EvoX 289whp/306wtq with only ETS intake and a quality tune! Shop: Motion Lab Tuning Dyno Type: Dynocom SAE Corrections: Default Corrections Peak HP at RPM: 289whp @ 6850RPMs Peak Torque at RPM: 306wtq @ 4000 RPMs Transmission: GSR 5-speed Gear: 4th Fuel: 93 pump gas...
  18. FS: GT35r ETS Kit

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Evo X ETS 35r Turbo Kit Turbo: GT3576 Hotside: 1.06 Wastegate: Tial Intake/UICP: ETS Mileage: under 6k Condition: Good. No shaft play on turbo. The wheel spins for days Price: $3200 Picked up. Might be willing to ship later Power: Conservative 637whp/451tq on a built 2.0 on E85 by Road Race...
  19. FS: GT35r ETS Kit

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Evo X ETS 35r Turbo Kit Turbo: GT3576 Hotside: 1.06 Wastegate: Tial Intake/UICP: ETS Mileage: under 6k Condition: Good. No shaft play on turbo. The wheel spins for days Price: $3200 Picked up. Might be willing to ship later Location: Can meet in Cerritos / La Habra / Fullerton / Downey / Garden...
  20. ETS Turbo Kit and BNIB Cams

    Completed Transactions
    Extreme Turbo Systems V-band Turbo kit: Precision 5857 Billet Ball Bearing Turbo, with coated hot side Exhaust Manifold Twin 38 mm Tial waste gates ETS 4" Intake with 3.5" MAF adapter ETS UICP Water/Oil lines Dump tube 3" Down pipe with O2 and wideband bungs(needs to have the flex portion...