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  1. Automotive For Sale
    FBO Tuned E85 by Kozmic Motorsports ID1050 injectors Walbro 250Fuel Pump TiAl qr bov Custom Exhaust Manifold Cobb Intake Manifold Mishimoto intercooler and piping Cobb Downpipe ETS Test pipe to MXP exit Dodson Dump Upgraded 8 disc Clutch (installed by Kozmic) I hate that I'm making this post...
    $29,000 USD
  2. Evo X General
    Hey all, Haven’t seen any posts of anybody swapping fuel tanks and was curious if anyone has done it before and how difficult it is. I’ve been having sealing and pressure issues due to snapped studs and subpar repairs. If anybody has any tips on removal, draining the tank, and reinstalling...
  3. '08+ Lancer Common General
    Hi, I literally made an account to ask those who may know the answer to this question. As the title mentions, I’m wondering if the Evo X shifter assembly would fit in a normal Lancer. They look to be very similar, so I’m wondering if there’s anything that makes the shifter more specific for the...
  4. New Member Introductions
    My cousin recently passed away, and given that I was close to him and one of the few car enthusiasts in my family, my Aunt decided to gift me his Evo. I am attempting to determine the mod list for it, as there's not a lot of documentation to go off of and I know this girl ain't stock. That...
  5. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Just wanted to let people know of an issue I found with the fuel rail from Radium for the car. I blew my motor a while back where cylinder 4 cooked and the valves in 1 and 4 were white. I threw some misfire codes before this and checked my injectors (had them tested and they were fine), changed...
  6. Evo X General
    Hey guys just bought this 2008 Evo with full ets bolt-ons. Got tuned for all the new parts a few months back the guy said. Has paper work to prove it. But I have thrown a few codes and I have a few ideas as to what it might be. Also the car at 4K will feel like it’s hitting a wall, like whole...
  7. For Sale (car parts)
    : YUANZHENG Full LED Tail Lights Assembly for [Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Sedan 2008-2018 (NOT for Sportbacks) ] Rear Lamps with Sequential Turn Signal, YAB-YS-0155B, Red & Smoked, Driver & Passenger Sides, new in box. Never installed. Comes with wire harness and resistor
    $160 USD
  8. Evo X General
    Okay i know i know, huge waste of money, too much work, buy an evo blah blah blah, i have a lancer gts, turbo kit, intercooler etc. installed and working great, so now i have a turbocharged 2.4L lancer GTS. Now my only issue is the fact that its fwd, where do i start with the awd swap
  9. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    So I recently bent my valves and I got them replaced with GSC standard size. After installing the valves back into the head and going to reinstall it. I had to redo timing because I jumped timing, the camshaft won’t crank or rotate. Tried to rotate it but it’s stuck hard and I don’t want to...
  10. Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    About to replace to lines on AYC pump and I know about having to bleed the system. Also notice my buddy has a MATCO scan tool that has a AYC and ACD bleed function. Anyone familiar with this without having to take to the dealer?
  11. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    Hi all, as the title says i'm having an issue with a recently purchased tactrix cable or the ecuflash program. I try to read or write the ecu and keep getting j2534 err_timeout. Cable is seated in the obd2 properly, light illuminates on the cable just fine. Car battery is fully charged...
  12. Evo X General
    Alright fellas, I have some questions. (I drive a 2008 Evo x) 1. How much power would i gain (roughly) off of a tune with the following mods: -Test pipe (along with full catback) -Intake -Boost controller -UICP 2. Where should I go from here? Im kind of broke but i love my car. Feel no need...
  13. Evo X Turbo
    So i found out my oem mani is cracked on the inside on the evo x. I got lucky and was able to remove it by cutting the stud. I also decided to remove the studs. One of them came off double nut but the other one was eaten. I want to remove the turbo and send it off to the machine shop but there...
  14. Evo X Performance
    Hi, about Mitsubishi lancer galant fortis Ralliart 2009 USDM sst transmission. We cannot read the ECU id from ecuflash.. Anyone have ori file and tunerpro xdf file for this car? any help will be appreciated!
  15. Automotive For Sale
    The time has come to move on... this car is truly amazing but can be enjoyed more by someone else as I am on at a different point in my life. 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR Color: Phantom Black Pearl SSS Trim w/Leather Recaro's and heated front seats, sunroofs, upgraded sound system (replaced...
  16. Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, I am new here. I am looking to buy a fully built 08 Evo x. I am new to the Evo game and I currently own a lancer. I came across a fully built 08 Evo x with 80,000 km and want to know what am I supposed to look for before buying it. What about the reliability of a fully built engine...
  17. Cobb AccessPort
    So my main question here today is… Will my current tune on the accessport stay on my Evo when I uninstall Cobb. I have a 14 Evo X with a pro tune currently on the Cobb Accessport. I’m trying to sell the AP currently because I’m going with a gauge set up and soon on a better tune for more power...
  18. Wanted to buy
    Need some help from the EVO X community to source me a stock cat so I can get my 2011 GSR to pass smog. Location: Ohio Can pick up local or pay shipping. Thanks all!
  19. S-AWC System
    Hey guys! Can someone send me a download link please. I need it asap
  20. Evo X General
    I have been getting this code ever since I took my stock cat off. I have the Cobb cat and downpipe. Has anyone had this constant problem and if so how or did you fix it?
1-20 of 66 Results