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  1. SST
    Hey guys, When I accelerate and let off the gas, there seems to be about maybe 5 seconds or longer of the rpms holding, and not decelerating. On my wideband the numbers will take a while before it hits "---" Could it be clutch issue? 08' X MR.
  2. Evo X How-To
    Your help is greatly appreciated! I have a Blue Flex flexfuel converter installed by a shop in my Evo X MR 2011. I didn’t see how it was installed. So not sure what modifications they did to the return fuel line. I would like to return it back to factory set up to clear a code and go to state...
  3. Merchant Marketplace
  4. Evo X Vanity
    I have been searching for months now on a new body for my MR. PLEASE help me! I think i may go with the Varis '09 Widebody, but considering the TEST and SERVICE. Post up some pictures of kits that would look good on this beast! No limitations on price, i just want the best fitment!
  5. Evo X General
    Planning to buy an original 2009 EVO X TC-SST, i have been advised not to go for a twin clutch since its causing problems and eventually the transmission is failing even at low mileage! is that true, or it only happens if you tune the car? should i go for a manual gsr? What do you guys think?
  6. Evo X General
    Hi my name is Danny. Im the owner of the Evo X MR. The car was built and tuned by DG Motors. Located at 666 W Hoffman Ave # C Lindenhurst, NY. My goal for this car was to have a daily driver that would exceed the potential of any daily driver. Pete who is the owner of DG Motors was totally...