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  1. For Sale (car parts)
    OEM right side headlight for sale. 220$ plus shipping. Also have a right side OEM fender in Wicked White, though shipping may not be worth it. Located in Southern Ontario. Call me (Harley) @ 250 221 6876 Sorry, not a photographer! Both are in excellent condition, let me know if you have any...
  2. For Sale (car parts)
    Looking for OEM or aftermarket wheel well liners for both driver and passenger sides. Also looking for the small rear ones as well.
  3. Evo X General
    I am curious know if people keep their front inner fender in the front wheel well. I am talking about the black inner fenders connecting to the edge of the front bumper. They are connected by push on bolts. I think its part no. 5370A385 (driver side) and I dont know the part no. for the right...
  4. Completed Transactions
    FS: HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer with Evo X Plug 'n Play Harness SOLD Evolution MR Badge SOLD Evolution Badge SOLD Carbon Fender Vents SOLD Evolution X Badge SOLD
  5. Completed Transactions
  6. Evo X Vanity
    Hey Guys, I'm looking to paint the hood vents and the fender vents on my Evo X but i was wondering how to take the side vents off? Any one done this before? Some advice would be greatly appreciated, also anyone done this same thing and what were your results?
  7. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Decided to go another route (suspension mods instead of aesthetic). Parts have been on the car a few days haha guess I change my mind pretty quick... My loss is your gain! *** WARNING - FITMENT ISSUES DETAILED BELOW. PLEASE READ FIRST. *** Everything is described as follows. All prices are...
  8. Merchant Marketplace
    Going with wider wheels and tires but don't want to ruin them every time you hit a bump? Want to make sure you'll have fender clearance when you're lowered? Buy up to half an inch of extra clearance by having your fenders rolled @ SpeedCircuit.
1-8 of 9 Results