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  1. Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Recently had my 5-speed and t-case rebuilt (thanks, Jack's, the shifts are smooooth!), and put on some new tie rod ends and sway bars while I had everything apart. After getting it all back together, I filled all the proper fluids to level, torqued all the plugs right, bled the ACD with the...
  2. Evo X General
    Coming up on 22k miles on my gsr, its a'14 thats been lightly driven and never beaten. Looking to change all the fluids, what exactly needs to be changed? And what fluids do you recommend?
  3. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Up for sale are some fluids. Everything is brand new, unopened, unless noted. Make me some offers as I am flexible. Mitsubishi OEM DiaQueen SST Transmission Fluid: DiaQueen SSTF-I (C0002610) : Opened 4L Jug (Approx. 1L left). $30 Mitsubishi OEM Brake Fluid - EVO 8/9/X (MZ311987) : Opened 354mL...
  4. Completed Transactions
    Motive Products Power Bleeder for Evo IV-X (Part #0107). Used once when I swapped out my calipers. Works great and is in great condition. SOLD Catch bottle. SOLD Brand new, never opened ATE 706302 Original Super Blue Racing DOT 4 Brake Fluid (1 Liter). SOLD A set of (8) brand new speed...
  5. Evo X Transmission & S-AWC System
    Does anyone know the fluid and amount of fluid we need for the transfer case and the rear diff? It looks like PN 3775610 - GL-5 90w LSD Oil. It also MIGHT be Dia-Queen New Multi-Gear Oil: GL-3 Transmission fluid. PN MZ313501. I can't find the quantity needed though.
1-5 of 5 Results