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  1. For Sale (car parts)
    Ultimate Racing Front Mount Intercooler + Full Upper and Lower Piping (Fits Evo X's & RA's). Will only sell as a kit. -- $675 OBO OEM Downpipe -- $50
  2. For Sale (car parts)
    Selling parts from my Ralliart. Located in 07601 NJ. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks! Ultimate-Racing FMIC + Piping (also fits Evo X's) -- $675 OEM Downpipe -- $50
  3. Evo X Performance
    Hey Guys, I tried to do a search first but I can not find any solid answers. Long story short I blew up my turbo and it shot bits of metal into the FMIC. Luckily the motor was fine but the FMIC sounds like a salt and pepper shaker. After fixing the turbo I am not sure I want to drop more...
  4. Merchant Marketplace
    We are having a sale on all Extreme Turbo Systems parts (ETS) For pricing please PM, email or give us a call for forum pricing! You can browse all ETS parts on our website HERE
  5. Evo X General
    So I'm probably just stupid, but I bought the depo racing fmic. And the lower side is 3". My issue, I have stock licp. Currently I have a garbage spectre 3-2.5 boot on it. But I want to buy new licp. My question, will anything work here. Or do I have to buy 3" licp.
  6. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Evo X parts for sale: Stock FMIC with upper/lower pipes - $250 Test pipe with o2 spacer - not sure of the brand, but fits perfect. $160 Cobb AccessPort unmarried. Has some screen burn in, but still fully functional - SOLD Stock crushed BOV - $85 Prices include shipping and are...
  7. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Looking to part ways with a few things. Will ship to the lower 48 states. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. Parts were taken off at ~ 43K miles in working order. I've simply upgraded these parts. OEM injectors SOLD OEM FMIC $100 COBB FP 3" TIP $70 MAP Stock Frame Turbo Oil...
  8. Evo X General
    Anyone remove the black side covers for the intercooler to open it up, show off the fmic?
  9. Completed Transactions
    FS - Stock Evo X FMIC - 28K miles - $125 Shipped $150 Shipped - PM me 10/1 Price Update - $125 Shipped
  10. Evo X Performance
    So I am wanting to black out my front end. I'm taking a strong look at Perrins Stealth Intercooler. Does the black absorb heat to the point of counter-productivity? I know that moving air will not be an issue, but here in TX where we have 106 degree summers with high humidity, anything black...
  11. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Stock FMIC from an Evolution X. $200 obo takes it.
  12. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Up for sale are my Stock Evo X Intercooler, OEM Upper Intercooler pipe, Lower intercooler pipe, Stock Inlet and Intake with MAF Housing and air scoop. The OEM intercooler & pipes were just pulled off my car as i installed a UR FMIC and no longer need the stock parts. Parts come with hoses and...
  13. Evo X Performance
    cp-e™ Mitsubishi Evolution X and Ralliart FMIC development Coming soon - stay tuned for updates :)
1-14 of 18 Results