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  1. Evo X General
    Was wondering what the size of the screws to hold the whole fog light unit
  2. '08+ Lancer Common General
    Hi I've been having problems with my lancers front fog lights since I bought it. At first I thought it was a burnt out bulb but then I realised that my fog light indicator would not light up on my dashboard. I've checked the fuses and relays and all seems good. I'm not sure what I should do to...
  3. Evo X Vanity
    hey I was looking to put some bright HID fog lights in my evo but I was wondering how i even go about opening up my fog light casing... I have a friend with a bmw 328 that he has done a bunch of mods to and when he replaced his fog lights he had to take out the fog lights through the wheel...
1-3 of 6 Results