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  1. Evo X General
    Hey how’s it going so I recently got a 2014 evo x And I have a question so If I’m doing a pull once I hit 6100/6200-7200 rpm I have a sort of stutter/cut feeling (the car is bone stock) was wondering if anyone’s had this issue or if anyone can guide me to the right or close to right issue
  2. Evo X Tuning
    Hi guys, My car's ECU is disconnecting only under acceleration and that not even consistently, 4 out of 5 pulls all seems fine but on the 5th the ECU just dies and throws a p0606 code. I'm really frustrated as the entire wiring loom has been taken apart and no visible issues show there. And it...
  3. Evo X Tuning
    Hey guys, My car is acting ridiculous. First of all, here are my mods on the 2011 gsr: ETS Intake, Uicp, Tp. GM 3 port Clipse3gt tune. My car is getting huge fuel cut in first and second gear. Clipse read 50% fuel-cut in first, 30% in second. After my initial tune, the car was great, then...
1-3 of 3 Results