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  1. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    This week we are running a 5% Instant Factory Rebate on AEM Electronics! No code needed! Pricing has automatically been adjusted and all AEM parts have a 5% lower price for this week only! February 17th-23rd. AEM has a strict pricing policy so we are the ONLY place where prices will be lowered...
  2. Evo X General
    As title says, i want to run digital gauges through the android 10.2 headunit or maybe i was thinking a double din in dash mini pc running evoscan. just want to be stealthy and nice n clean setup! ive seen people run evoscan with custom guages and i was wondering how they do that. i also seen...
  3. Evo X General
  4. Merchant Marketplace
    New Tanabe Revel OLED Gauges - InStock Pictures do no justice :) Start up sequence starts at 1:00 The new Revel VLS OLED gauges offer a several advantages to traditional LCD gauges. OLED provide a sharper image and an undistorted viewing angle of...
  5. Evo X Performance
    Hey Guys, I was wondering what are the gauges that I should hook up to the car when I track it/autoX it. I just have boost gauge and wideband(not installed yet), what are the other gauges that i need/should be looking for? cheerios
  6. The Wastegate
    Like new condition AEM Boost & A/F Gauge Everything pictured is included! Original Boxes Instructions (A/F) All Lines Vacuum Line Wire Connectors Gauges Silver Bezels x 2 Black Faces x 2 $300 Shipped for both Call or e-mail if interested 407-883-0072
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    We at Motion Lab would like to be your go to, one stop shop for all of your Evo's electronic needs. We have the absolute best pricing on AEM gauges and electronics (if you see one better, let us know!). Great low prices on STRi and Defi...
  8. Evo X Vanity
    please pm me if you have a tri pod and gauges for sale. looking for a.f ratio gauge boost gauge and possibly boost controller and oil or torq gauge. if your looking to clean out some stuff of your garage please let me know! also looking for another bov. not a fan of the hks. willing to trade...
  9. Evo X General
    I have been looking for Boost Vacuum, Volt, AFR, Oil Temp, etc and there are just so many options to choose from...Can you guys post up pictures of your gauge setup and let me know what you guys are using? Send me a link to the site of where you purchased the gauges from too...Thanks...
  10. Evo X General
    I just installed a aem wideband gauge the other day and shortly after my CEL came on and I got the code P0137, heated oxygen sensor circuit low voltage (sensor 2). I'm not sure how I got this or what it exactly means. I have an AMS downpipe and HFC which I installed about a month ago and...
  11. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Motion Lab Tuning has all your performance electronic and gauge needs. We have great pricing on all the top brands in the industry! AEM Digital gauges: AEM UEGO- KEY FEATURES No free air calibration required - ever Accurate to .1 AFR Includes white and black gauge faces Includes black and...
1-11 of 12 Results