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  1. Evo X Vanity
    Two options, I want to make sure to offer the first product that will be the most demanded. Option #1: 2010 non-aero spats. Option #2: real carbon fiber seat inserts: option 1 requires no core, but I'd have to arrange to get a set to mold. CF or Kevlar, matte or clear option 2 requires a...
  2. Merchant Marketplace
    We're gauging interest for a group buy for Ohlins Road & Track Coilover suspension tuned by Muellerized. Typically, this setup would cost: Coilovers...3395 Assembly...142.50 Shipping....110 ------------------------------------ Total $3,647.50 <--Standard price A group buy of three or more will...
  3. Merchant Marketplace
    Welp, looks like there was some interest, but not enough for me to put these back into production. So sorry to say people, but at this point I won't be making the oil caps. So disregard the below info since the group buy is no longer active. They’re Back… maybe. This is a group buy for the...
1-3 of 6 Results