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  1. Evo X Tuning
    Hello, I recently ran into evo problems. I have a 2008 Evo GSR. Unfortunately , I ran into a problem this weekend. I was getting to a Wal mart and I pulled in and mind you I have the Fast key. I turn the FOB to lock and get out the car yet it starts beeping when i open the door. I check the dash...
  2. Merchant Marketplace
    Looking for a high-quality bucket seat? Look no further! Status Racing Seats offer you performance, style and comfort! KamiSpeed is The SouthEast distributor of Status Racing Seats! We keep certain colors and styles in stock and offer the best pricing!! Come by our showroom in Orlando, FL to...
  3. Completed Transactions
    I need a Evo X ABS Harness from a GSR (NOT from an MR) Location: Southern California (Cerritos) Send offers please
  4. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    New Autopower Cage - $1500 (I pay shipping) :jedi: New AutoPower 6 point roll-cage 2 six-point Harnesses No cutting Required No Seat Removal Required I Pay Shipping
  5. Completed Transactions
    Sold, Delete.
1-5 of 5 Results