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  1. For Sale (car parts)
    Fair condition and normal wear tear scratches on them . Comes with the original box, right headlight low beam is not working, I dont know why . Everything else works and are working properly . Price is 150$/shipped but negotiable . Shipping to continental U.S only.
  2. Evo X General
    I have a 2014 non-SSS GSR without daytime running lights (DRL) and was interested in converting to HIDs using the OEM xenon projector head lights. During my research, I came across a lot of older discussions re: HID flickering due to the non-SSS's DRL wiring requiring relay harnesses or needing...
  3. Completed Transactions
    Up for sale are my custom retrofitted headlights, more info and pics can be found here: All the parts pictured are included: 2 x ballasts 2 x retrofitted headlights 2 x hid bulbs for the inner indicator lights $600 shipped to the...
  4. Evo X General
    I was driving my 2014 Evo MR tonight and when I turned the car on the passenger side high beam cam on with the low beam, and would not shut off even after turning the lights off, turning the high beams on and off, and shutting the car off and back on. These are the stock HID's in the stock...
  5. The Wastegate
  6. The Wastegate
    FS: AMS Downpipe, Accesport, Stock Turbo, RR Hood Vents, Stock MR Eibachs....etc Prices Dropped!! For sale all prices are listed, but pay pal fees will be added OEM Bilsteins with 55k on them. One has a snapped shaft, its 100 for one from bilstein, no top hats. 130 plus shipping 160 with 55k...
  7. Evo X Vanity
    First off, Rally in the 100 Acre Woods, I went both days, and went to nearly every spectator and service stage, but I did not see any other X's there (except for the safety car) and hardly any Evo's in general. On the other hand, every Subaru for 250 miles was there. Poor form, guys. Anyways, I...
  8. Evo X Performance
    What's up guys! I have been modding cars for a long time, but this time I want advice. Narrowed it down to Invidia N1 or Greddy Ti-c I've already owned a Ti-c on the Z, and liked it because the silencer was a foot long and really quited things down if need by (grumpy neighbors). The N1 has a...
  9. Evo X Vanity
    I am very surprised that we do not have a "How to" on replacing stock halogen bulbs with HIDs without dropping the bumper. I just tried to install the HID kit myself without removing (almost) anything, and success! It took about 30 minutes. I'm sure this write-up will take more time than doing...
  10. Evo X Vanity
    How much would the dealer cost to do an HID swap on my non sss Evo?
  11. Completed Transactions
  12. Evo X Vanity
    Hello everyone, Just got my EVO X on last Friday. Its a GSR Premium which is same as the MR, Sound system and SST...etc.. But with JDM, USM and AUDM(Australia) there always differences in specs. I`m in Japan and the with out part numbers I can`t do much. The dealers don`t wanna help too...
  13. Completed Transactions
    Hey guys, Im selling some parts to help give my turbo kit dreams another go. Anyone using paypal must include fees. (2.9% + $0.30 USD) Shipping is not included in these prices and must be paid by the purchaser parts were on my 2008 GSR Evo X for about 20k miles. Stock Shift Knob $20 -...
1-13 of 13 Results