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  1. Evo X second-hand purchase advice needed - HKS related

    Evo X Performance
    Hi all, Sorry for double-posting; I understand nobody reads the 'General' section... I’ve spotted a Evo X (2008) US spec for sale here in Europe. The car has the following upgrades. Are these a complete HKS upgrade pack? Is it something that does not add up with the rest? What I am looking for...
  2. Advice needed before purchase (hint: HKS updates)

    Evo X General
    Hi all, I’ve spotted an Evo X (2008) US spec for sale, here in Europe. The car has the upgrades listed below. Are these a complete HKS upgrade pack?Is it something that does not add up with the rest? What I am looking for here is an upgrade that isn’t performing up to par or might create...
  3. HKS 1-Week Sale: Additional discount on INSTOCK HKS Parts!

    Merchant Marketplace
    This week only! Save an additional 5% OFF from our already low HKS Price! Discount only applies to instock items while supplies last, so don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions! If you want something before XMAS be sure to let me know so I can give you shipping options! I also...
  4. Catback exhaust for performance/deep growl

    Evo X Performance
    I have been researching for about two weeks now for several catback exhausts. and these are the choices I have made, and will need you guys' help to figure out which one to get. List is below in no particular order (looking for dual exit with a deep growl and optimum performance). I also heard...
  5. BOV suggestions

    Evo X Performance
    Hate to start a new thread but didn't see anything previously posted with any feedback on the topic... Looking to buy my husband a BOV for his 08 Evo. Only modification that he has so far is an AEM intake. And new clutch (not sure on brand or type yet) I've overheard him mention an HKS but...
  6. FS: Stock GSR Wheels/Stock Cat/ HKS Filter/Exhaust Parts - Loc. Milwaukee, WI

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    FS: HKS Filter / Stock Exhaust Parts - Loc. Milwaukee, WI Location: Milwaukee, WI 53202 Had to sell the car recently and I have a lot of left over stock and other parts that are all in great condition. The prices listed below are for the item only and will not include PayPal fees or shipping...
  7. FS: HKS EVC, Stock Fuel Rail, Injectors, CMC

    The Wastegate
    For sale are a used HKS EVC boost controller, my stock fuel rail, stock fuel injectors, and stock clutch master cylinder. HKS EVC Boost Controller - 400 shipped SOLD Fuel Rail - 40 shipped Fuel injectors - 200 shipped Clutch Master Cylinder - 75 shipped HKS EVC Boost Controller Clutch Master...
  8. HKS Premium Day 2013 at Fuji Speedway

    Automotive News, Articles & Pics
    Hey everyone, Bulletproof Automotive staff remained on site in Japan after Tokyo Auto Salon to bring you coverage from your favorite brands and the biggest events! Here are our photos from the epic event that took place this past weekend at Fuji Speedway. We hope you enjoy the content and we...

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    I will post pics as soon as I'm fully decided on selling the items or see if how many interest will I get. I'm selling my HKS racing suction intake less than 5k miles for $400 shipped US. The intake is still on the car but I will be taking it off when I get my new intake some time next week...
  10. HKS D1 Limited Edition Oil Cap (Orange County)

    Completed Transactions
    i'm selling my hks oil cap. used for two months (1000 miles). $45 for local pickup. i prefer pickup but if buyer wants it shipped you'd have to pay for shipping and paypal.
  11. FS: Evo X ETS V1 Exhaust and Test Pipe

    Completed Transactions
  12. Fs: Hks ssqv 4 bov

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    I am selling my SSQV IV BOV w/ piping but without couplers. I am currently using them on my new setup. It is in almost new shape with a minor scratch or two. The piping was used for about 100 miles but replaced with the Cobb U/Licp Kit. ** I had no issues with this kit and never had any...
  13. Coilover Systems - Fortune Auto / Eibach / KW / Stance / KSport / HKS

    Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Tons of good coilover options available for the Evo X. Give us a PM and we can help pick out the right coilover for you, along with offering very competitive pricing. Check our website out for all options, and PM us for the special EvoX Forums price. AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR OVER 300 PRODUCT LINES...
  14. 315 whp/ 310 torque - YIMITUNING

    Cobb AccessPort
    So I was curious if these numbers were normal for the mods I have -hks exhaust -hks short ram suction intake -hks downpipe -turboxs ucip -turboxs licp -turboxs test pipe Thanks for the info!
  15. HKS 800cc Injector Scaling

    Evo X Tuning
    Does anyone have any base numbers for HKS 800cc injectors?
  16. HKS GT Downpipe + HKS RS intake + Sard R2d2 + RoadRace Intercooler

    Completed Transactions
    For Sale Rare JDM parts!: HKS GT SOLD RRE Intercooler SOLD HKS RS $330 + shipped SARD R2D2 BOV $200 + Shipped Please send me a pm!
  17. Aftermarket BOV

    Completed Transactions
    Looking for a BOV that will pair up with my Cobb intercooling pipes. Preferably HKS ssqv or something to that effect at a reasonable price. I do t want to buy any extra connectors or attachment so please, only something I can install directly to the bov pipe. Thanks
  18. The last HKS SST Cooler in the USA

    Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Guys we just took delivery of the last HKS SST Cooler that was on the shelves at HKS USA this morning. Anybody who is looking for one will have to wait 2-3 weeks for one as it will be coming from japan, not to mention the shipping fees associated with getting expedited shipping from asia...
  19. Iveytune Daily Photo Thread

    Ivey Tune
    Guys I have decided to start a new thread to give you frequent updates about what we are doing. It's tough to know exactly what a shop is capable of unless you come to visit so hopefully you are able to gain some insight into what we are capable of. If you guys have any requests for certain...
  20. Colt Speed, HKS, Password JDM Engine Bay Pics

    Evo X Vanity
    Just a quick cell phone pick of my engine bay with the Colt Speed Engine bay cover (pm me for where you can get it $140 shipped) Ultimate Racing UICP, HKS Oil Cap, Password JDM intake and Cooling Plate The Quality of the Colt Speed engine cover amazing The Password JDM stuff is Eh.. I...