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  1. Completed Transactions
    Looking for the intercooler outlet hose that connects to the engine block from the lower intercooler pipe. #11 on the diagram.
  2. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Hey guys, As the title says i've been having some idle issues and hesitation with the car to the point where it almost bogs and stalls. If i'm on the gas and i go to shift the car into neutral as i'm coming to a stop the rpm's will dip below 1k and as if theres a spring under it will shoot up...
  3. Completed Transactions
    Looking for a reasonably priced stock or cheap throttle body inlet hose (the one that connects from the LICP. Also need a 3" turbo inlet hose. If you have either of these, let me know. Thanks. It'd be to 78247.
1-3 of 4 Results