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  1. ETS Intake For Sale

    For Sale (car parts)
    Hey everyone. Hope you all are having a great week so far. I have an ETS Intake I'm selling for my old Evo X. I bought the car with grand plans and then I got married... I have since sold the car and I am now selling the intake. It's brand new. the box that it came in was just a shipping box...
  2. Ram air Intake

    Evo X Performance
    hello everyone! i just picked up a 2015 Evo and its mod time. I am going to run a VTA style blow off valve, and was wondering if any companies have a Ram air style intake already made with the re-circulation port deleted. I know you can block the re-circulation port off with a plug, but i'm...
  3. Quick question about intake

    Evo X Performance
    Hello , So I bought this intake piping without knowing this (I know I should of read ) but I just have A quick question. I bought a titanium Intake that goes from oem size to 3.5 inch piping , just wondering if thats a good or bad thing and if I should sell and just buy a new one thanks in advance!
  4. Beginner Upgrades

    Evo X General
    I am new to this site and new to my Evo. Well, I've actually had my Evo for about 6 months now and I am very happy with the way it runs as stock. But now I want to add a little power to it without compromising the car for Daily Drive and Emission Inspections. I'm looking into putting a new...
  5. 1 LOW PRICE! 2 Great Parts! Injen CAI & Upper IC Pipe Kit

    Merchant Marketplace
    Injen Air Intake + Upper Intercooler Pipe Kit - EVO X Cast multi-stage tuned mid section Volumized airflow Eliminates hose expansion Increase throttle response Dyno proven performance Upper Intercooler Piping Blow off Valve recirculation Multi-Stage Tuned intake Completely bolt- on...
  6. WTB! STOCK MAF housing

    Wanted to buy
    as title says looking to buy stock maf housing, paypal ready. text me if you have it 814-505-2561
  7. Synapse Intake, UICP, LICP

    Completed Transactions
    Synapse Intake, UICP, LICP Speed Density Design Synapse BOV or DV Mount on LICP Wrinkle Black Location: San Diego,CA Price:$650 **Ship at buyers expense**
  8. FS: Stock OEM airbox and snorkel/duct

    Completed Transactions
    $30 shipped (box is kind of big) PayPal: [email protected] OEM Stock airbox (filter should be changed) and snorkel/duct (does not come with maf housing or inlet pipe, only with what is pictured).
  9. FS: Buschur Racing Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Completed Transactions
    $80 or best offer shipped domestically, you pay PayPal fee (extra charge based on quotes for international shipping is at buyers expense) PayPal: [email protected] Ordered and delivered years ago, never installed. Comes with everything pictured (i.e. everything shipped to me in the...
  10. Dyno tune for intake?

    Evo X Tuning
    I just have a few simple questions here today. One, if I were to get a K&N Typhoon Intake <>, would I need a tune? Could it be tune from an access-port? Or does it have to be from a dyno? Also, I have a cat*delete pipe that I'm looking...
  11. Overboost help

    Cobb AccessPort
    Hello, I am currently running my car with an invidia cbe, k&n intake, and cobb stage 1 lwg ACN91 calibrated for the intake but I noticed that I have been exceeding target boost, because at times my boost goes up to about 28psi and stays there for up to a second. I'm new to evos and don't know...
  12. Can i install UICP and Intake without a tune?

    Evo X Performance
    Just wondering if i can install my UICP and Intake without a tune, ive been hearing different things, some people say install it right before getting a tune others say its safe to install without a tune? i just need to know i dont want my car idealing weird and messing up
  13. No intake?

    Evo X Performance
    Have almost a fully built evo now, was wondering what it would take to not run an intake? Just bare turbo in the back with a screen on it?
  14. Bolt on mods

    Evo X General
    Hey guys, I have a stock 2010 with over 100k miles on it and just moved to a small town with zero emissions. I am planning on removing the cat and replacing it with a straight pipe. I also want to do an aftermarket air intake system. I am wondering if anyone know if these mods will ruin the cars...
  15. WTB: OEM Air Cleaner (Intake) Bracket

    Completed Transactions
    I'm looking for the OEM air cleaner bracket. The diagram isn't the best but it is part # 6. It is the bracket below the air cleaner box.
  16. getting my K&N typhoon dialed in...

    Evo X Tuning
    so i got my k&n typhoon just sitting around, i was going to put it on without a tune but then people told me that i should def get it tuned. does anyone know someone that could dial this part in for cheap. by dial in i mean tune just so the k&n runs safely, not really worried about power ( i...
  17. FS:FL OEM Intake

    Completed Transactions
    OEM Evo x Intake less than 2500 Miles Sold car still have stock parts laying around $50 Shipped! Call/txt 407-883-0072
  18. FS: OEM Cat, Suspension, Exh., Intercooler And More!

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey Guys, I have a few parts i need to get rid of. All are Best Offer. I don't know exactly what they usually go for so i looked up the price from Mitsubishi and then discounted what i figured wear and tear was. If something doesn't seem right, let me know Without Any Crap Please. I am more than...
  19. stage 3 cobb

    Cobb AccessPort
    i planning on going stage 3 and i bought an evo used (2011 gsr) that has a cat back. I'm planning DP, TP, and then everything else needed for stage 3 like intake ECBS inlet pipe… what i want to know is i know that the intake has to be the cobb SF intake and the EBCS has to be cobb too. but can...
  20. FS: AMS intake heat shield

    Completed Transactions
    This thing is in perfect shape. Simply don't need it as I got a Driven Fabrication heat shield on my intake instead. The very few, extremely small imperfections on this are all virtually invisible once installed. SOLDDDDD. AMS does not offer selling these things separately by the way, I tried...