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  1. Evo X Performance
    Does anybody run this? If so how does it compare to the ETS, Map, AMS brands. It’s priced aggressively cheap compared to the mom. However I’m familiar with their products from when I had a 135i and I’m curious about this...
  2. For Sale (car parts)
    Selling parts from my Ralliart. Located in 07601 NJ. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks! Ultimate-Racing FMIC + Piping (also fits Evo X's) -- $675 OEM Downpipe -- $50
  3. Evo X General
    Ive been looking forever for these intercooler side panels, I know there is previous forms about this but they are pretty dated and don't have answer... Ive spent hours looking online and searching and nothing. If anyone wants to sell or give me theres I would greatly appreciate it or if you...
  4. Evo X General
    So I'm probably just stupid, but I bought the depo racing fmic. And the lower side is 3". My issue, I have stock licp. Currently I have a garbage spectre 3-2.5 boot on it. But I want to buy new licp. My question, will anything work here. Or do I have to buy 3" licp.
  5. Completed Transactions
    Looking for the intercooler outlet hose that connects to the engine block from the lower intercooler pipe. #11 on the diagram.
  6. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey Guys, I have a few parts i need to get rid of. All are Best Offer. I don't know exactly what they usually go for so i looked up the price from Mitsubishi and then discounted what i figured wear and tear was. If something doesn't seem right, let me know Without Any Crap Please. I am more than...
  7. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey guys, everything is OBO, all in great condition except the trunk which has a ding + some rust around the right brake-light. Shipping included in prices. OEM intercooler, $100 OBO OEM Downpipe (both parts) $200 OBO. Im just guessing at prices, totally abstract, feel free to make an...
  8. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Motion Lab has great deals on ETS & Blouch Performance Turbos! Throughout the month of June and July, We have great deals on Extreme Turbo Systems Products and Forced Performance Turbos! Report this image ETS Mitsubishi Evo X and Evolution X Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold Utilizing a...
  9. The Wastegate
    FS: AMS Downpipe, Accesport, Stock Turbo, RR Hood Vents, Stock MR Eibachs....etc Prices Dropped!! For sale all prices are listed, but pay pal fees will be added OEM Bilsteins with 55k on them. One has a snapped shaft, its 100 for one from bilstein, no top hats. 130 plus shipping 160 with 55k...
  10. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    We got a new shipment of Mishimoto Intercoolers in! The Mishimoto direct fit front mount intercooler will increase cooling capacity and lower intake charges allowing you to make more power with your Evo X. The intercoolers are constructed of 6061 aluminum and are precision TIG welded. The...
  11. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Mint Condition K&N Upper Intercooler Piping Wrinkle Red $120 Shipped Upper 48 $100 Picked up call/txt 497-883-0072 with questions Please add 1.2% for paypal or send as gift
1-12 of 39 Results