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  1. Merchant Marketplace
    We have all instock Beatrush parts at 15% off MSRP, that may not sound like much but this is the lowest prices of the year. Their product are top notch and built to last. Here is a list of what's ready to ship: Beatrush Front Upper Pillow-ball and Camber Mounts - $297.50 only 2 sets Beatrush...
  2. Automotive News, Articles & Pics
    Hello everyone, We thought it'd be nice to give one of our core communities a sneak peak at a new collaboration series "The Shop" by Bulletproof Automotive and Bowls Films. This new video series will feature behind the scenes interviews and tours with some of Japan's automotive tuning legends...
  3. Other Automobiles
    Hey guys, Spotted this car parked outside Top Secret, in front of a classic GTR. My guess is some sort of Corolla maybe? Anybody got a better idea that can chime in here?!? Also, here is one of their R35's....just for fun! :thumbup:
  4. Merchant Marketplace
    As Do-Luck's authorized North American Distributor, we are very happy to offer Do Luck Evo X Aero performance parts to Do-Luck is one of the most popular and sought after aero manufacturer brands out of Japan! **UPDATE** We currently have 5 Non Keyhole Carbon Fiber Do Luck...
  5. Automotive News, Articles & Pics
    Hey everyone, Bulletproof Automotive staff remained on site in Japan after Tokyo Auto Salon to bring you coverage from your favorite brands and the biggest events! Here are our photos from the epic event that took place this past weekend at Fuji Speedway. We hope you enjoy the content and we...
  6. Merchant Marketplace
    These items are currently IN STOCK...NO WAITING! ColtSpeed Japan is typically a special order only product line straight from the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan! Bulletproof Automotive has taken the initiative to stock some of your favorite and requested items in order to eliminate any JDM wait...
  7. Automotive News, Articles & Pics
    Our staff is live on site in Japan before the event opens to give everyone the first look at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013. We will be sharing all of the highly anticipated debut builds, unique features, all of the big names in the Japanese tuning industry... as well as some of the out of the ordinary...
  8. Evo X General
    I just really wanted to post this seat on the forums. Ive worked had and saved up for this seat....its the best seat i have had yet. :+1:
1-8 of 9 Results