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  1. Completed Transactions
    SOLD SOLD SOLD WTT/FS so im finally home for the next month and need some cash to buy my car a nice xmas present. up for sale is my injen uicp. i got an entire UR ic pipe kit for a good deal so this has just been sitting in my house. bought off an evox member, he put less than 7k on it and i...
  2. Completed Transactions
    hey guys, im located in nnj. willing to travel around ~200 miles or so. im looking for a good condition, MANUAL for under 8k. ill know exactly what car im looking for wen i see it. i really would love a wrx but those are hard to find for this price in good condition. let me know what you or...
  3. '09+ Ralliart General
    hey guys im in northern jersey and i want to powder coat a few pieces of my RA. Was wondering if anyone knew of a good place in the area that wouldnt break the bank? i dont want to have to mail parts out. thanks guys.
  4. '09+ Ralliart General
    hey guys, i got a 2011 ralliart and i just bought a new magnaflow catback i need installed. im located in northern jersey and i was wondering if anyone knows a good place that could install it well and for a good price. any info is appreciated, thanks guys. also, if you have any how-tos on how...
1-4 of 4 Results