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  1. Wanted to buy
    as title says looking to buy stock maf housing, paypal ready. text me if you have it 814-505-2561
  2. Completed Transactions
    $80 or best offer shipped domestically, you pay PayPal fee (extra charge based on quotes for international shipping is at buyers expense) PayPal: [email protected] Ordered and delivered years ago, never installed. Comes with everything pictured (i.e. everything shipped to me in the...
  3. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    I looked all over this forum and the other one and couldn't find anyone who had a similar issue. I was driving a coworker around a couple weeks ago and was showing him what the X could do. I went WOT and when shifting from 2nd to 3rd heard a pop and SES light came on. Checked codes, had...
  4. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    So since my MAF was never scaled properly, I put in my stock injectors, changed my injector scaling numbers back to stock, did some logging and used a tool I found in another thread to scale my MAF. Once my fuel trims were close to 0 I figured that should mean my MAF is properly scaled. Well...
  5. Merchant Marketplace
    Features: *3.5" Piping size for use with the largest stock frame turbos (such as the FP Black) *Silicon step down to a 3" Turbo inlet (unless specified otherwise) *Lightweight aluminum piping and CNC machined MAF flange *Due to large piping size, MAF scaling is required. It is suggested to...
  6. Evo X Tuning
    i am trying to log the MAF Volts for a GCC (Middle East) spec Evo MR. Rom ID 53050009. my understanding is that the MAF Volts should be between 0-5 volts? the evoscan request address for Mode23 MAF Volts (23808f47) is logging something not correct! 0.35 v for the idle and 0.95 v max on Loads...
1-6 of 6 Results