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  1. Running Lean after changing coil pack

    Evo X Tuning
    My car is tune by Petey at PA. Blot on with MHI 18K turbo, making 406 whp on 93 gas. The car runs great for the past year. But this few month, my car is misfire at 6500 rpm every gear. I have change spark plug and coil pack. the car runs fine again. But however, Whenever I boost my car, my air...
  2. Cylinder 3 Misfire - Goes away with load

    Evo X General
    Issue has been resolved, thanks forum. THIS IS THE CULPRIT, THIS WAS ONE BACKWASH OF INJ 3 Heres what I know: I purchased this car from someone I know that let it sit for about a year due to his purchase of a C6 and a HellCat, he assumed it had a bad tank of gas and the rare stutter was just...
  3. Evo X misfire/running rough

    Evo X Performance
    So recently Ive been hearing a misfire at idle (no codes though), at least thats what it sounds like to me. And when im ripping it and WOT the engine will "pause" and sorta backfire multiple times as im going up through the rpm band. this has been going on for awhile but since i didnt get any...
  4. Help! Ses light on asc light on. Evo revs up on its own.

    Evo X General
    Car is 2010 evo x GSR with 80k on the body and 8k on new stock engine from Mitsubishi. Car was hydro locked. I pull out and accelerate at around 75% throttle and when I let off to decel with the clutch in the rpms are bouncing between 750 and 1250 but the car does not stall and being about 3...
  5. Went for tire install - Mavis destroys engine - P0300 cel

    Evo X General
    So I got some new tires from tirerack and drop my car at the nearest shop to my work. It happens to be mavis tire. I drop my car off at noon along with my buddy's 2011 Mustang GT for tires. The kid says "I love seeing awesome cars at the shop" They call at 330 to tell me car is ready and I...