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  1. Evo X General
    /hey guys, I'm looking to get a nav unit for my Evo and I like the 2014 version alot better then the 2012 version and was wondering if anyone knew if they were compatible?
  2. Wanted to buy
    Just purchased a N-05 head unit and I'm looking for an OEM double din dash kit so that I can install it
  3. Evo X General
    Does anyone know how I can play DVDs on the OEM evo x HeadUnit? Or change the layout? Thanks I have a 2014 gsr non rf just the touch screen it comes with
  4. '08+ Lancer Common Electronics & Audio
    Hey, so I look around a few forums and I picked up some useful information, but I still have a few questions. 1. Which versions of the MMCS are compatible with a Lancer ES 2012? The car already comes with FUSE, so I don't want to lose any of those functions. I heard N-05 and N-04 are compatible...
  5. Completed Transactions
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the dash piece for the OEM MMCS Nav unit. Not the mounting bracket, not the actual nav unit, not the antenna, not the entire "install kit". Just the dash "face" itself. Let me know if you have it and we can discuss the price. Thanks in advance.
1-5 of 5 Results