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  1. Cobb AccessPort
    I'm looking into buying a test pipe (Race pipe) for my 2014 EVO X GSR. The car is stock other than a catback and COBB stage 1 ots tune. 1. I'm wondering if it will run safely on the COBB Stage 2 OTS maps with a test pipe? 2. Is it necessary to get a wideband (AFR) guage? What could happen if...
  2. Cobb AccessPort
    COBB v403 OTS Maps for 2011-2014 Evo X GSR and MR Hey guys! Over the past few weeks we’ve been listening to your feedback and making adjustments to the recently released v401 Evo X OTS maps in hopes of creating an offering that works well for everyone. We now have Beta v402 OTS maps available...
1-2 of 2 Results