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  1. Evo X Performance
    Greetings! This is a very embarrassing first post, please don't rip on me too bad. :( I swear on my life I've googled about as far as I can, and I've lurked on these forums for a few months now, trying to sate my thirst for knowledge of various systems; despite my extensive use of the search...
  2. Evo X Dyno
    Greetings folks, I thought I'd share my results from the Pro Tune I had done at Cobb SoCal a few months ago. I went through the OTS map phases over the course of 3 months and was ready for a Pro Tune once I obtained my intercooler kit. I'll say Jon did a fantastic job tuning the car. As...
  3. Evo X General
    i was running an ams intake with invida q300 catback, and accessport tune. with that set up i was pushing 25 psi. when i put on a long downpipe without cats, and a perrin 3 port ebcs, after the changes, i ran the cobb stage 3 tune, and am only naking about 21.44 psi. i checked the hoses, none of...
  4. The Wastegate
    Cobb ap, downpipe, and other goodies Parts for sale! I accept paypal and will ship. Any questions or more pics of something let me know. Prices don't include paypal fee. Cobb AP: clear plastic on screen, unmarried with case and cables $370 shipped CNT 1 piece downpipe/high flow cat(hfc)...
  5. Completed Transactions
    ALL PARTS ARE **SOLD** Mods, please feel free to move/delete thread.
  6. Evo X Turbo
    I just got my car tuned over at cobb tuning in plano but I was still having trouble with flutter from my new BOV from perrin so I had been taking it easy on the car, I talked to cris over at perrin and he had told me that the thing was supposed to be calibrated from the factory but no matter how...
  7. Evo X Performance
    So I am wanting to black out my front end. I'm taking a strong look at Perrins Stealth Intercooler. Does the black absorb heat to the point of counter-productivity? I know that moving air will not be an issue, but here in TX where we have 106 degree summers with high humidity, anything black...
  8. Completed Transactions
    its gone!
  9. Evo X Performance
    Wondering if I can get some help on this one. New To This Forum and an amatuer when it comes to moding. I've had my Evo for about 6 months now and I've finally decided its time to go down the dark path! After researching for a couple weeks I've narrowed down between two exhausts: Perrin and...
  10. Completed Transactions
    Like the title says... Perrin Dual gauge Pod with or with or without the 52mm inserts. Ready to pay reasonable price!!!:$::$:
  11. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey Guys, So I have a set of AEM gauges, the boost gauge and the wideband. I'm selling my car and never got a chance to install these. The gauges themselves are in good condition. I also have a Perrin Dual Gauge Pod Holder for sale as well that I bought from a fellow evoxforum member earlier...
  12. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Hey Guys, I actually picked this Perrin Gauge Pod from an evoxforum member recently but I decided to go a different route. It comes with the 52mm spacers which costs extra from Perrin. Price: $55 Shipped.
  13. Completed Transactions
    SOLD!!! I decided to go with a different downpipe and a test pipe on my car so this is up for sale. I bought it from a forum member who had used it for a few thousand miles and I put less than 1000 on it myself. It's in great shape and works fine. I noticed a big improvement with this over...
1-14 of 17 Results