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  1. Evo X General
    Hey guys, I figured I’ve stalked these forums for long enough and it’s finally time for me to introduce myself and my team. My name is Mike (A.K.A. Mike 40) and I’m the founder of Spec13 Motorsports I’ve been a member of EvoM for a few years now, and...
  2. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    **RECARO JAPAN** For over 100 years, Recaro has been widely known as one of the best automotive seat manufacturers in the industry. From their Comfort & Ergonomic Series to their Circuit FIA Certified Motor Sport Shell Series, Recaro is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to style...
  3. Completed Transactions
    $80 or best offer shipped domestically, you pay PayPal fee (extra charge based on quotes for international shipping is at buyers expense) PayPal: [email protected] Ordered and delivered years ago, never installed. Comes with everything pictured (i.e. everything shipped to me in the...
  4. Drag Racing
    Max Torque Racing is proud to announce its inaugural event. On Oct 24th, at Pocono Raceway. Event Details: • Roll Races two at a time • Start Speed of 60 MPH, top speeds of 160+ • Open-Format + Competition Racing Four Run Groups setup by crank HP: 1,000 - 1,500 Horsepower 750 - 999...
  5. Completed Transactions
    Separating rims and tires, willing to ship depending on price Hey guys, I have a set of like new rims and used set of Z1s that I used for auto-x. I sold the car and no longer need these. The tires I used all of last year during the season and I've used partially this year. The tires still...
  6. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Since nobody wanted to buy my vrg2's i'd just sell the stock ones and use the volk as my backup wheels. Wheels are from a 2011 GSR. They were taken out at less than 6k miles. I don't have a thread depth gauge but they still have plenty of life left. 3 of the wheels have curb rashes...
  7. Completed Transactions
    Sold. Delete.
  8. Completed Transactions
    Sold, Delete.
  9. Evo X General
    Come check out the MOVE OVER Motorsports Racing Team fb page, Like Us and Share with your friends to win one of TWO great Evo X prizes! Thanks, and if you see us around...don't forget to MOVE OVER!
  10. Evo X General
    I just saw this clip, and I was stunned by the epic wheel to wheel combat. This is racing at it's finest and anyone who loves racing will love this!
  11. Track The car is 2,3LT Jun, running Garett GT3076R Tuned to 400 WHP tomatch the power to weight per class, enjoy.
  12. Meets, Shows, & Events
    It's official, the date and details are set! The only thing that's left is for everyone to make the call and officially sign up. Jigga What? In a nutshell, you can pay to drive exotics around Las Vegas Speedway. Packages range from $299 for one exotic to...
  13. Meets, Shows, & Events Jigga What? In a nutshell, you can pay to drive exotics around Las Vegas Speedway. Packages range from $299 for one exotic to $1800 for seven. By default, you are given five laps per car. If we can get a decent group of people to go, they have agreed to give...
1-16 of 17 Results