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  1. '09+ Ralliart General
    I have a 2010 ralliart sport back. The vehicle broke down on me over a series of 3days or so. Mods/recent parts: Borla catback,ets test pipe,turbo smart bov,maf(0miles),crank sensor(0miles)(dcw 65c fuel pump) day1: drove fine all day long, stopped at a friends for 20 mins, left and got food...
  2. '09+ Ralliart General
    So I’ve been looking for VG for my 09 ralliart but everything I’ve seen says none will fit becuase I do have the nav antenna which is slightly wider. I can’t find anything anywhere on where to buy one for my model. I’ve tried lancershop, rex speed, literally everything. If anyone knows where to...
  3. Evo X Turbo
    Just wondering if anyone could help me out looking to put a evo or Ralliart turbo in my 16 lancer Gt, and just wondering on the ecu would it fit and would it be possible to reflash the lancer ecu to run turbo and if I can’t what model or what year would work the best for my car and does it...
  4. '09+ Ralliart Performance
    Alright so a couple weeks ago my 09 RA was running fine on a tune. Put a cat in it for inspection and took the tune off. A week later I bring my car to get it tuned again and I bring a brand new Cobb boost pill and syllanoid. We install that. But then I start getting compressor surge in 2nd-6th...
  5. '08+ Lancer Common Vanity
    As said in the title, I have a 2016 Lancer ES and atm I'm not interested in performance so I only plan to put in a nice exhaust system and exterior mods to make it look aggressive but not too flashy. I would like suggestions on what is the best for my car and what mods look nice, I have my eyes...
  6. O

    Evo X General
  7. For Sale (car parts)
    Ultimate Racing Front Mount Intercooler + Full Upper and Lower Piping (Fits Evo X's & RA's). Will only sell as a kit. -- $675 OBO OEM Downpipe -- $50
  8. For Sale (car parts)
    Adjustable camber plates and dampening dials on the fronts. 8k/9k spring rates perfect for daily/spirited driving. Used for about 30k miles. ISC coilover covers were used for during its lifetime which is great for all weather conditions. All spring mounts, perches, and lock rings spin nicely...
  9. For Sale (car parts)
    Selling parts from my Ralliart. Located in 07601 NJ. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks! Ultimate-Racing FMIC + Piping (also fits Evo X's) -- $675 OEM Downpipe -- $50
  10. '09+ Ralliart General
    Hey all, Totally new to the Ralliart scene, but not to sport cars. I understand how the SST works. I have an issue where I bought the car in January and the dealership where I bought it had no idea whether the previous owner had changed the fluid, so I decided to change it. about 3...
  11. '09+ Ralliart Performance
    I'm looking at buying the UR turbo back exhaust. Was just wondering what experiences other have had with this the good, the bad, and ugly. I've read a lot about people having problems with the DP and getting it on. Any installation tips and tricks are welcome! Thanks for reading hope to see some...
  12. Completed Transactions
    Parting out & selling the car. Won't get the price I want out of it as it sits, so all the shit in/on it is up for grabs. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping. I will ship pretty much everything for the right price, but things like the Recaros and wheels will be a pain in the ass and...
  13. '09+ Ralliart General
    What is affected by failed ACD pump? Does power still go to the rear (still Awd)? When ASC is on will I still have TCS/SCS.
  14. Merchant Marketplace
    Looking for the best performance spring on the market? Want to add a sporty feel and lower ride height to your EVO X or Ralliart? CHOOSE Swift Swifts approach to creating lowering springs: 1. Keep or improve a smooth and comfortable ride. 2. Improve handling, control, and performance. 3...
  15. '09+ Ralliart General
    So I zip-tied the fucker to the strut bar. Not awesome but it works. I noticed it doesn't really reach to anywhere it could mount. And there's no spot like where it mounts on the X I believe. Any help from you fellow Ralliarts would be appreciated.
  16. Merchant Feedback
    So as some of you might know I won the Hollywood E-tune at the forum BBQ this year. I finished up installing some mods a few weeks later and we started the tuning process. From the get-go Hollywood was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the tons of dumb little questions I had...
1-16 of 35 Results