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  1. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    Whenever I'm trying to flash my ECU with TephraModV3, the car would always run lean on idle. It seems like the car doesn't want to accept the ROM. Car Internal ID: 56890009 Tephra ID: 56890313 Car info: 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X What I've done to the car: Stock block Stock turbo Stock...
  2. Evo X Tuning
    Had a oddity happen at the 1/4 mile drag strip last week. On the last run when I hit 3 gear and was almost to 4th at like 6000-6500 rpm the car simply stopped pulling and its like the rpms froze at 6000-6500 rpm or so and the car started to buck. I let off as soon as I felt it. The AEM failsafe...
1-2 of 2 Results