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    Upload your photos and videos from the event here. Despite the weather and later-than-usual date for the event, today was a success. We had about 70 people come out today, and it was a blast. Special thanks to the NEEVO guys for coming so far and for Jasoob for coming down from Canada to...
  2. Announcements
    Ladies and gents, will be sponsoring our Fifth Annual Car Show & BBQ! We are trying to make this show as big as possible, as we expect people to be travelling a bit to make it to this event. This year we are hosting the event in a new location. See the following thread...
  3. Announcements
    Our gratitude goes out to everyone involved in our 3rd Annual EvoXForums BBQ and show. First I'd like to thank everyone who helped organize and run the event this year, especially Ttsumibishi, Rogue, and SpicyMcHaggis. Secondly, I'd like to thank all of the merchants who donated prizes for...
1-3 of 3 Results