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  1. Evo X General
    So my Ayc pump went out during the summer. I plan on getting it replaced after the winter because im not under warranty and I’m not looking to kill the pump right once I get it. How will driving in the snow be without Ayc? I’ve got some good winters and I think it should be fine....? Just...
  2. Car Parts For Sale
    Looking to get rid of the roof rack off my Evo since I don't take it to the mountain anymore. Yakima Roof Rack Q-Towers. Q-99 Clips for Evo/Lancer (I also have the clips for an 02-03 maybe other bodies WRX that I can throw in to if that fits your car.) 48" Cross bars Locking Q-towers (2)...
  3. Completed Transactions
    Hey guys, since I no longer have an Evo the time has come to sell my winter tires and wheels. I bought these tires on 11/20/14 from Tire Rack and had them mounted and put on the car in December 14' until Mid March 15'. I would estimate these tires have 2,000 - 4,000 miles on them. The wheels...
  4. Evo X Vanity
    Took home my xmas tree with my evo so rigged up a quick shoot while it was loaded up. What u guys think?
  5. Wanted To Buy
    I'm from California and make (2) trips to the snow in the next month. I have all season tires and hoping that i won't even need to use them, but i will need to have them in the car either way (just in case and its the law) Anybody have set sitting around in the garage?
  6. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    so i have a Seibon carbon fiber hood, which i purchased with the car back in august. yesterday was the first time my car has seen snow (since I've owned it at least) and of course when it snows, the snow piles up onto of the hood. when i drive, the heat of the engine melts the snow and it leaks...
  7. The Wastegate
    I currently own evo X, but lately I started noticing that the stock engine is not producing enough horses for me. Thus I am contemplating whether or not I should invest 15-20k into some serious tuning or get a new ride altogether? My main choice is nissan GTR. As you all know it is also AWD, but...
  8. Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys, Got it narrowed down to: Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 (Performance Winter/Snow) Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D (Performance Winter/Snow) Bridgestone Blizzak LM-22 (Performance Winter/Snow) Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 (Performance Winter/Snow) Let me know what you think pros/cons...
1-8 of 11 Results