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  1. Elite Merchant Marketplace
    Here at JB Autosports we know how important it is to have your car back on the road along with that awesome feel only an AWD launch can provide. It's pretty hard to get that sub 1.6 60ft time, or perfect autocross start with a slipping clutch. With winter coming or having arrived already for...
  2. 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    Ok so a few questions have been raised as to how many people are actually running the Spec or CM clutch while running the stock CMC with no modification to CMC. Template- Date installed: Brand: Stage #: Total Mileage on car: Mileage on Clutch: Rough ft/lbs (To crank): Still running on...
  3. 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    First of all, let me tell you that Chris @ MAP definitely hooked me up over the holidays and made sure that I got the best deal and quick shipping even through New Years. I ordered my Clutch and Flywheel on Dec 29th, it was delivered on Jan 4th. :+1: Next, I ordered a MAP flywheel and Spec...
  4. 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    Does anyone have any experience with Spec clutches on their Evo X? If so, which one do you have? How do you like it? Did you have to change out your master cylinder? I'm considering a SM103H or SM103F. Possibly considering going Exedy as well.
  5. 5-Speed Manual (W5M6A)
    I'm looking to get user reviews and opinions of the following three clutches for my daily driver. It is currently a Perrin Stage 3 setup with a stock location turbo upgrade in it's distant future. I'm considering the following three clutches and would like to know which one to pick. My...
1-5 of 6 Results