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  1. Evo X General
    Hey guys, I figured I’ve stalked these forums for long enough and it’s finally time for me to introduce myself and my team. My name is Mike (A.K.A. Mike 40) and I’m the founder of Spec13 Motorsports I’ve been a member of EvoM for a few years now, and...
  2. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Bought a new lip so this one is for sale. Looking for $50 picked up in IL I have a box to ship but shipping will be $100-$150 depending on location Damage on left corner (was professionally touched up) Lip cracked on the bottom left corner
  3. Evo X Vanity
    We just prototyped a front splitter for the Aero lip. This will take the place of the annoying piece of rubber that loves to fall off from the factory. Would anyone be interested if we produced this? What would you be willing to pay? Edit: More pics uploaded
1-3 of 3 Results