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  1. SST
    I swear there was a thread talking about deleting the OEM SST cooler and running just the SSP front mount kit by itself, but can't find it now. Been running the kit with my original OEM cooler for years, but it's become a dedicated road course car now. Anyone have results testing with vs...
  2. Evo X General
    I recently bought a SSP titanium series front mount sst cooler for my Evo X. Need help regarding the setup and electric work. Manual was half and not clear. TIA
  3. SST
    Yesterday was generally a bad day for me, but the worst happened in the afternoon... I was almost at standstill in 2. gear (letting pedestrians pass)in wife's X and when I pressed the throttle I sensed the clutch slip and was greeted with Transmission Service Required error plus I lost gears...
  4. Evo X Build Journals
    Wanted to see what everyone would think of the build I have going on. Motor: Buschur 2.2L Stroker BAMF block. HeadGames Pocket port. (GSC2,Bronze valve guides,ferrea 6000, beehive springs.) ArpBolts. Fuel: Walbro450 CBRD new fuel circuit ID2000's AMS fuel rail ultimate racing fuel filter...
  5. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Hey dudes. I'm sitting in the back of my car after 3 long days of ripping my 2008 X MR engine apart and getting it ready for next season... I seem to have come to a major halt! I have done quite a bit from new turbo back, intake, ucip, SSP stainless filter and pro gold fluid, to new metal idler...
  6. Evo X General
    Anyone switch their under tray? My OEM plastic one is getting all torn up because the plastic screws are falling off. I was thinking about the SSP one piece under tray but idk. any suggestions?
1-6 of 41 Results