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  1. Evo X Tuning
    Here's a list of all the SST PIDs that can be requested from ARB ID 0x7e1 over Mode 0x21. Might be useful. Cheers.
  2. SST
    Thanks for any help in advance!! I’m in Connecticut and can’t find any local shops that work on SSTs. Hell some shops won’t even call you back if you mention SST. I’d love to ship the trans out to Kozmic but lead time was 6-8 weeks for the work and she’s my DD. Are there any trustworthy shops in...
  3. SST
    A few weeks ago my car red lined in first gear next thing I know it lounged forward but I lost all power (like my rpms would climb but I couldn't get any power to the ground like it was in neutral) I can put it in gear like no problem but when I go into park there's a loud grinding and it won't...
  4. Evo X General
    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! So, i have a Lancer Sportback Ralliart (pretty much stock, only catless testpipe, exhaust and K&N Inbox filter with a DCT6 SST transmission ), and tomorrow i'll be going with a friend of mine to a 1/8 mile (201m) drag strip,and the intention is only to...
  5. SST
    Hey guys, When I accelerate and let off the gas, there seems to be about maybe 5 seconds or longer of the rpms holding, and not decelerating. On my wideband the numbers will take a while before it hits "---" Could it be clutch issue? 08' X MR.
  6. SST
    Hi guys! So, i was reading on some posts about SST reliabilty, and some people said to always drive on S-Sport mode, use manual shifting and some other stuff, does that really affects the durability of the clucth? My Sportback Ralliart does not have a S-Sport mode, should i do a TCU flash to...
  7. Evo X Performance
    Hi. Annyone here tried this? From evoscan, And does annyone have an instalation guid so i my use my passtrough can and instal it? New to pastrough can. I also wonder if annyone have tried some of the maps from evoscan, My car curently have cobb and i want to get rid of it, either for back to...
  8. SST
    I have a 2010 Evo X SE with about 125k miles. It has a custom dyno tune (about 290hp at the wheels) for the various intake and exhaust mods that the previous owner installed and while it was being tuned I had them look at the SST pressures. Using my Cobb the tuner increased the hydraulic...
  9. Automotive For Sale
    Lancer EVO X SSS package 2012 118,000 KM SST- dual clutch transmission Full custom alcantara interior Heated seats Cornering Bi-Xenon Rockford Fosgate Performance Sound System with subwoofer Second owner 3 driving modes, Normal (ECO) - Sport and S-Sport UPGRADES: Tein Mono Sport Coilovers...
    €33,000 EUR
  10. SST
    I swear there was a thread talking about deleting the OEM SST cooler and running just the SSP front mount kit by itself, but can't find it now. Been running the kit with my original OEM cooler for years, but it's become a dedicated road course car now. Anyone have results testing with vs...
  11. Evo X Performance
    Hi, about Mitsubishi lancer galant fortis Ralliart 2009 USDM sst transmission. We cannot read the ECU id from ecuflash.. Anyone have ori file and tunerpro xdf file for this car? any help will be appreciated!
  12. ECUFlash / OpenECU
    Hi, i dig a while for an stock FQ 330/360 SST rom , to compare differences in SST tables against my EDM file. I found just 52370024 , do anybody knows which FQ power level it is? According mivec and boost target, it will not be FQ300 i think? If you have another file, please post it or atleast...
  13. Evo X General
    I recently bought a SSP titanium series front mount sst cooler for my Evo X. Need help regarding the setup and electric work. Manual was half and not clear. TIA
  14. New Member Introductions
    I’m Christian from Switzerland and I currently own a 2011 Evo X MR with SST which is in the process of rebuilding at the moment. The last time I had fun with my car was in September 2018 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife before it had technical failure. Before that, I owned this Lancer Ralliart...
  15. SST
    Hi please spare me im no expert by any means, just need your opinion. Basically Wanted to get pshh noises, and was still contemplating on which bov to get, but i figured ill get the same noises if i disconnect the bpv from the intake and turn it into a bov, how will this affect my car? Will i...
  16. SST
    If I order and install a new valve body (2800A135) for my MR/SST, will it drive to the dealership for teach-in? Also, is the cover (2502A042) re-usable? I see it's suppose to be replaced in the instructions. Thanks!
  17. Automotive For Sale
    I am in the market for an Evo X and found this forum. I found one on facebook marketplace and would really like some insight as I do not understand too much on what to look for when buying one. The one I found is high mileage and an SST. It's a 2008 Evo X MR (I am looking for an automatic). What...
  18. Evo X General
    I shipped the car from japan which was equipped with a clifford g5 alarm system. I am not used to alarm system platform also don't need it. So want to remove it fully from my car. Need help/ walk through video on how to do it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  19. Wanted to buy
    Need a evo x valve body text me at 720-243-7046 need one used or new in working condition.
1-20 of 77 Results