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  1. STM Tuned's Project X

    Evo X Build Journals
    I'd never have thought I'd have gotten this far into a car to be making one of these but in the never ending quest for more power it's lead to this point. The car itself is a 2013 Evo X GSR. This was my second venture into owning a "tuner" car as I had a 2005 Cobalt SS back when I was 19, so...
  2. Stock 2011 stock vs. stock with MBC and tune

    Evo X Tuning
    Finally got around to tuning my personal X. The only mod to the car in the base run was a set of RPF-1's (lighter than stock wheels). I am pretty happy with it and I know there is more in it. No need to push it though, Its a lot of fun to drive now. Last year I tuned a friend of mines car...