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  1. Evo X General
    Hey guys some im getting tuned on e85 stock turbo this friday and was just curious what are some of the fastest cars you beat while on the stock turbo and e85 tune? Thanks everybody im just so excited im just curious on what cars i could potentially beat. Also is the difference between 93 and...
  2. Evo X Performance
    Yahooo! :yay:\ So after running some 12.2x's @ 112 at the Buschur Shootout I decided to take a run at what I think is the first Stock Turbo Evo X MR into the 11's!! What has me baffled is that I don't have aftermarket cams, tubular manifolds, or any modifications to the turbo system...
  3. Completed Transactions
    has around 2.3k miles on it 300$ has around 2.3k miles on it 300$
  4. Evo X General
    I recently took my car to a shop to get my UR O2 downpipe installed. It ended up being a big job, because all the bolts were frozen and ended up breaking off. So the turbo had to be removed to be taken to a machine shop to get drilled out and re-threaded. Once that was done, it was re-installed...
1-4 of 6 Results