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  1. Evo X Turbo
    So I'm trying to install my ETS Downpipe and I'm so close to removing the stock O2 housing. All 4 bolts are out and I also removed the nut facing the drivers side. I expected it to pull right off, but it's stuck. The gasket can spin around freely on the stud, so I doubt I missed a bolt. I really...
  2. Evo X General
    New Evo owner and look what just happened: 08 Evo X auto trans stuck in neutral! Putting it in reverse or using the manual shift to shift into 1st gear doesn't do anything, car doesn't move at all. Cars ECU is having trouble communicating with the ABS module, could this have anything to do...
  3. Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Okay guys so I got the strut out and put the spring compressors on but I cannot get the top bolt holding everything together off. It's the single nut holding the top of the strut together. It's the last piece standing between me and being done with this strut. But I can't get the bitch off...
1-3 of 3 Results