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  1. Evo X General
    I have attached a link of a short video I made of how the Tial QR sounds on the evo, I am using an AMS hardpipe with the flange, and an 8PSI spring with no flutter at all. Enjoy
  2. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Evo X ETS 35r Turbo Kit Turbo: GT3576 Hotside: 1.06 Wastegate: Tial Intake/UICP: ETS Mileage: under 6k Condition: Good. No shaft play on turbo. The wheel spins for days Price: $3200 Picked up. Might be willing to ship later Location: Can meet in Cerritos / La Habra / Fullerton / Downey / Garden...
  3. Non-Merchant Purgatory
    Just pulled some OEM parts and a custom LICP w/ Tial Q BOV. Just a side note-- the position of the bov allows for daily driving with no threat of the elements affecting its performance. Its discreetly positioned and holds boost perfectly. These got to go so buy now! Parts are ready to ship...
  4. Completed Transactions
    I need the 9psi spring for the Tial 50 mm BOV (Not the Q). Vendor, forum members, whomever has one please hook me up. Looking for a reasonable price. Thanks.
1-4 of 5 Results