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  1. Connected Accessport, major problems

    Cobb AccessPort
    Hey guys, I recently bought an accessport for my 2013 MR. I knew that the car had a tune on it before I connected the ap, but was under the impression that it was only a cobb stage 2. So once I connected the ap, I flashed a stage 2 tune onto the car since I thought it wouldn't change anything...
  2. Strange bogging at cruise

    Evo X Tuning
    I am getting a really strange issue while cruising. It only happens at very specific times, and it was actually really difficult for me to get this log, because the issue will come and go within a second or two and not reappear for a while. Basically, I will be holding my throttle steady...
  3. advice on my shopping cart

    Evo X Performance
    :godance:hello all!! I bought my ww x gsr bnew 3 yrs ago! only performance mod I added was K&N drop in and HKS Hi Power catback. Now, mod bugs hitting me again and "might" pull the trigger soon. My evo is my daily, and just wanted to enjoy my daily drive more(street car build). I'm planning on...
  4. Montreal new member needs help with local shop

    Evo X Tuning
    Hi everyone! As the title says, I recently purchased an Evo X Final Edition and now planning to start making changes, first exhaust +ecu flash (preferably on dyno) and then we'll see. I've checked previous posts, but they are quite old, so maybe someone can help me with some up to date...
  5. [SOLD] Cobb Accessport v2, unmarried, $150 shipped

    For Sale (car parts)
    SOLD: Cobb Accessport v2, unmarried, $150 shipped Jonathan Galownia Galownia Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, Minnesota Six five 12 16 thirty two 4 seven Shipping is for lower 48. Willing to ship elsewhere, but I'll need to get a quote Text of PM with offers SOLD Works perfectly well, but I no...
  6. Please Help need Evo X ROM definition for 54070014

    ECUFlash / OpenECU
    I got an Unknown Rom Image out off my 2009 Evo X MR Ecu, the ROM ID that EcuFlash says i have is 54070014, i will appreciate any advise to deal with it as i look everywhere for answers in this particular and i got nothing
  7. Cobb Stage 1 Flash and Grimmspeed EBC

    Cobb AccessPort
    I need some help determining what path to take as far as tuning goes. I drive a 2015 Evo MR and I currently have the Cobb Stage 1 Package installed (AccessPort+Cobb High-flow drop in filter). No other mods yet. I just purchased the GrimmSpeed EBC and am wondering if I should wait for future mods...
  8. Tuning with Android

    Evo X Tuning
    After reading a fair amount about the Accessport v3 vs a laptop tune with a tactrix cable, I wondered if there is a "best of both worlds" alternative, in which we could use a smartphone/tablet and the appropriate cables/adapters to share, download and edit maps and flash the ECU? Has this been...
  9. Road Race Evo X - 713 AWHP / 579 AWTQ - Mustang Dyno - Boostin Performance

    Evo X Dyno
    This wicked Evo X came in for an ECU Reflash tune for two different boost levels - a low and high boost map. The low boost map is nice and safe, and our tuner Devin set the car up to be able to run 30-45 minute sessions on the road course. The high boost map can be activated by toggle switch...
  10. Running rich after I let off the throttle...

    Cobb AccessPort
    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I recently installed an ETS Intake, an ETS V2 CBE, and married a Cobb AP to the car. I flashed the Stage 1 + 91 SF MAP with the MAF scaling provided by Cobb for the ETS intake. From what I can tell, the car runs fine when I'm on the throttle (AFRs from...
  11. 10% off Accessports! 5/21 One day only!

    COBB Tuning
  12. Just got my AP, '11 Evo MR need help with tuning!!

    Cobb AccessPort
    I just got the access port and love the live functions it has, but.. couldn't find a tune on there website that goes to my needs. I have a HKS SSQV 3 bov, H&R typhoon intake kit with upper intercooler kit, I cut exhaust after the down pipe and installed a 3 inch straight pipe, so I don't have a...
  13. Need installation or tuning? Come see us!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Looking for installation and labor for your car? Come see us out our new location at 5358 White Horse Pike, Egg Harbor City, NJ. We are approximately 20 minutes from Atlantic City, 45 minutes from Philly, and about 2 hours from New York. Hours are M-F 8AM - 8PM, Saturdays 11AM - 7PM. Closed...
  14. My Tune experience at boostin performance - chicago

    Evo X Tuning
    New member and recent evo owner. Giving some feedback regarding my tune experience @ boostin performance The tune included a boost leak test and a quick car checkup. I also got a grimspeed 3-port installed per Devin's recommendation. with the few mods that i have, i was able to put out some...
  15. Logging with Microsoft Surface Pro

    Evo X General
    Is it possible to log your car with the surface pro? Best buy is having a sale on these units and i was going to buy one
  16. Map sharing? Cobb or EvoScan?

    Evo X Tuning
    Is there such a thing as map sharing? It seems to me many people have the same mods, if not, very similar. Now, I know each car is a little different, but I figured if people shared maps, then one would at least have a base map to small tweaks for their specific ride. Anyone know if such a...
  17. Questions about tuning

    Cobb AccessPort
    So I'm thinking of ditching my Cobb AP and going EvoScan Tactrix. Long story with Cobb service in Plano, but I do have some questions first. I do have the ATR and a Protune, I am upgrading my turbo to an EF3 and want to know if there are some write-ups on using the ATR on something like this...
  18. Major AP V2 Issue-2012 Ralliart

    '09+ Ralliart General
    I own a 2012 Ralliart, I have had an unpleasant experience with my accesport thus far. I have had it for bout 6 months and it has given me nothing but problems, but it is the only thing that will give me an OTS tune for a ralliart. In my most recent problem, I was changing maps to the "Stage...
  19. good plan?

    Evo X Performance
    I was on cobs website and they have a whole kit to run their stage 3 map on the AP. first of all do you have to buy the stage 3 map or is it pre loaded with stage 1 and 2? so on to my second question they have a whole bunch of parts listed on the website to run stage 3(AP, intake, and...
  20. VehicLogics: Android Car App

    Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, so this has been my project for the past 6+ months. It was used as my thesis project for my Master's of Software Engineering degree as well. I finally added in the licensing code and automated crash / bug report stuff the past few days, so now I was able to put in on the app store...