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  1. What mods to get my evo to 400 - 450 hp?

    Evo X General
    I live in a small town of Alaska and there are no place to put my car on a dyno. So far on my 2015 evo x Gsr, I have a full exhaust with open dump and intake. I also have a v3 Cobb Accessport. I want to be able to reach at least 400 hp. In the near future, I am going to get a ets 3.5 intercooler...
  2. Want 350-400hp

    Evo X Performance
    I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2012 Evo x Gsr what mods do I need to reliably achieve 350whp to 400whp also Is that goal achievable on 91 pump gas? Last thing will I need a clutch upgrade or nah? New guy to turbo engines here, thanks guys and gals!
  3. Evo X - External Wastegate VTA Spring Sizing

    Evo X Performance
    From what I've seen, I either don't recognize the answer or I don't know how to ask the right question. But here goes. I have a full AMS 900XP turbo kit w/ a PTE 6266 Gen 2 turbo. The kit comes with an external wastegate (Tial MV-R 44mm), current configuration is vent to atmosphere via an open...
  4. [SOLD] 2008 EVO MR X - One Adult Owner - 68K miles -$19,900

    Automotive For Sale
    I am the original owner of this exceptionally well cared for 2008 EVO X MR. This car has never been launched and it was never tracked. At 58K miles, I was doing some consulting work in Salt Lake City and learned about the pros at Wasatch Turbo Factory. This shop is one of the best in the...
  5. Unable to read vacuum or boost with AEM 35-8460

    Evo X Turbo
    Hello, Currently I am experiencing an issue with my '14 GSR with a Precision 6266 turbo. I have an AEM 35-8460 boost gauge that only reads 0, whether I am idling or actually hitting boost. The gauge is running from the dash, into a T clamp with one end that goes into a Grimmspeed boost...
  6. Turbo Selection

    Evo X Turbo
    Gentlemen, I'm at the final stages of the build. Now for the turbo selection. I was dead set on a stock frame 3576 Gen 2, on either a MAP, Full Race, or Driven Fab manifold. But I've been having a lot of conversations with people and am starting to sway towards an EFR 8374 kit. Cost is not an...
  7. 1k Mile OEM Turbo, Gauge Surround, Monster Sports/Blitz Oil Cap, Top Secret stuff

    For Sale (car parts)
    I bought my evo brand new and took it to COBB tuning as soon as I hit 1k miles. OEM turbo with only 1k miles. - SOLD Bought a brand new OEM gauge surround with the intention of wrapping it in alcantara but sold my car before doing it. - $50 Monster Sports oil cap, great condition. - $50 Blitz...
  8. [SOLD] 2008 EVO X GSR / WW / Aero / SSS

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  9. BOV- Vent to Atmosphere or Recirculating?

    Evo X Performance
    Hey guys, hopefully I am posting this in the right section, I assume it would be performance related. Also I searched for a thread like this and didn't see one so here it goes. I am a CAI and LICP away from being full bolt on and I am also getting a Grimmspeed EBCS. With all that being said...
  10. HKS 1-Week Sale: Additional discount on INSTOCK HKS Parts!

    Merchant Marketplace
    This week only! Save an additional 5% OFF from our already low HKS Price! Discount only applies to instock items while supplies last, so don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions! If you want something before XMAS be sure to let me know so I can give you shipping options! I also...
  11. Lancer 2012 SE

    '08+ Lancer General
    Hey everyone; I currently have the 2012 Lancer SE, unfortunately it does not come with turbo... I was thinking of Pro's and Con's of adding such power to an engine like so... I have been hearing that I would be cutting down my engine life by installing that... I enjoy my Lancer, although a...
  12. Like new EF2.5 ceramic coated with anti-surge and OEM X cams

    For Sale (car parts)
    OEM Evo X cams (EF2.5 is sold) Jonathan Galownia Galownia Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, Minnesota Six five 12 16 thirty two 4 seven Shipping is for lower 48. Willing to ship elsewhere, but I'll need to get a quote Text of PM with offers I have two items for sale that have come off my recent...
  13. Tomioka sigma turbo for Evo x

    Evo X Turbo
    Hey guys so i just bought this turbo for $1000 the tomioka sigma. They said it can reach 550hp and my tuner said it looked like a good turbo. I just want to hear your guys opinion aswell. here are the specs Turbo Characteristics Bearing Type: Journal Compressor...
  14. Opinions on what turbo to get with?

    Evo X Turbo
    Hey, having a hard time deciding what turbo to go with. Trying to go bigger [currently have a 5858 and making 550]. I'm trying to decide what would be best. I roll race and dig race but I just want a bit more power 700-750 would be good. I'm trying to decide on 6262, 6466, or 6766, or 6776...
  15. SPEED ACADEMY VIDEO OF CBRD and our products and projects!!

    Evo X General
    Happy 2016 Everyone!! our friends at Speed Academy (particularly Peter Tarach- who was editor of Modified Magazine)- stopped by before the holidays to pick up their EVO that we built- the car was here for almost 1 year while the magazine was shut down and Pete started up the impressive Speed...
  16. WTB stock engine, trans

    Wanted to buy
    hello, i have a built motor i just sold out of my evo, looking to buy a stock motor and trans as said, would like if it had wiring harness and also the turbo kit included, thanks please text or call it works better for me 814-505-2561
  17. CBRD RBX 7163 Versus STOCK turbo- charts

    Evo X Turbo
    Many people have asked for an overlay of our RBX kit versus a stock turbo car- This is the Twinscroll IWG kit versus the same car with bolt on's on stock turbo- typically an EVO X makes 210-225whp here depending on weather- if its a GSR- MR's about 20 less- here is the kit- here is the...
  18. Arashi 20 G Turbo

    Evo X Turbo
    All, I have heard considerable amounts of bashing of less expensive Japanese and Chinese made turbos and I have taken heed to this. However, yesterday my 20G Arashi (Japanese made) TD06H turbo arrived and I am going to install this and a new tubular manifold when I get home from working away...
  19. best turbo kit ???

    Evo X Turbo
    :shades: whats going on im new to the forum i have a evo x gsr full bolts on on e85 no internals work done yet 410hp/390tq and im trying to hit the 500s hp. i've been looking for a turbo upgrade i got eyes on the gtx3576r or a nice turbo kit. any opinions on a good turbo kit for the money?
  20. CBRD RB-X NEW turbo kits!!

    Evo X Turbo
    This is our new for 2015 CBRD Rb-X turbocharger setup-- Features are as follows: CBRD 1.25" Tubular Vband Manifold (back purged, tig welded Stainless) CBRD 3" Downpipe with Vband inlet- two O2 sensor bungs- bolts up to stock location mid pipe (production versions include flex bellow) CBRD...