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  1. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Hi : I am thinking of purchasing an Aluminum Valve cover to replace the plastic one on the 4B11T. However STM says on their web site "The vent that connects to the intake pipe is different between them. If you upgrade your plastic valve cover, you will need to change that line... unfortunately...
  2. Evo X General
    I took my valve cover into a powder coating shop called Sharp Customs in Tampa FL. Got it back and it looked great had it installed and my car starts making crazy noises. I check the dipstick and theres SAND in the oil. took it to the Mitsubishi Dealership and they said the engine, turbo...
  3. Completed Transactions
    Never been used 200$ Never been used 200$ Never been used 200$
  4. Merchant Marketplace
    Get your powder coated valve covers here!
1-4 of 5 Results