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  1. WTB enkei nt03

    Wanted to buy
    Looking for one or two used Enkei NT03 18x9.5 offset 27 Will pay for shipping Local pickup NJ
  2. New Wheels: Volk Racing ZE40 Time Attack Edition

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
  3. Kami Speed Wheel Instock Specials! Updated Weekly!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Going to try something new. We have a lot of Evo X sized wheels go through the shop so I figured I'd let you guys know first! Forum members will get a special price if not already discounted.
  4. Discontinued Group Buy: Classis Volk Racing RE30 in Bronze - 18x9.5 +22 5x114.3

    Merchant Marketplace
    What's up guys! Just got the green light from Rays Japan to bring back the RE30 for a special group buy! As many of you know, the only RE30 available in 18's is currently the RE30 ClubSport II and exclusively in the Matte Light Grey, with all other regular RE30 sizing being discontinued. We...
  5. WedsSport Year End Sales! Save big on Instock Wheels by Weds!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Hey guys, your Holiday Season shopping should be done (if not TISK TISK) so you should have an idea of what you have left! Why not use those funds to treat yourself? Check out what WedsSport has instock for the Evo X and let me know if you like anything! Quantities are limited so if you see...
  6. Volk and Advan Racing Year End Sale!

    Merchant Marketplace
    Hey guys, don't forget to treat yourself this Holiday Season! Doing a big push on instock Volk and Advan Wheels. Quantities are limited so if you see something you like let me know ASAP...
  7. [SOLD] Enkei Wheels (Raijin Black) 18x9.5 +15, 5x114.3 Bolt

    For Sale (car parts)
    Selling Aunthentic enkei (raijin black) 4 wheels set with box/ no lug nuts included. Moderately used, fair condition with few curb rash. Lightweight and durable . Whole package for just 450$ shipped/400$ pick up. Location is Shreveport, Louisiana. Only shipping to continental U.S. Comes in with...
  8. **Rays and Yokohama Wheel SEMA SALE: Lowest Prices of the Year!**

    Merchant Marketplace
    It's that time of the year again! Right after the SEMA Show Rays and Yokohama Wheels hosts their biggest sale of the year. If you are even considering a set of Volks or Advan Racing Wheels now is the time to buy! Sale price spans all sub brands offered by Rays or Yokohama, and includes instock...
  9. Evo X 18x11 +8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Ive done some searching and have only found about three people that have run 18x11 +8. they didnt really list what they did to make it fit so im just curious. Could i run 18x11 with rolled fenders 255/35 tires with some camber and not being super low? i used to run 18x10.5 +10 and being decently...
  10. FS: OEM Evo X GSR Enkei Wheels with Blizzak Winter Tires

    Completed Transactions
    Evo is sold and I'm clearing out the garage. Up for sale is a set of OEM Evo X GSR Enkei Wheels with Blizzak Winter Tires. These wheels are straight and true and in great condition. The tires have a ton of tread left. Tire size is 225/45/18 which is an ideal setup for a winter tire. These...
  11. 18x9.75 Tire Size??

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    I just got new wheels but not sure what kind of tires I should put on. Discount tire said that 265/35/18 would be a good fit. My stock set up is 235/45/18 on 8.5x18. I was thinking maybe 255/40/18 or 255/45/18 but it surprised me when he said 265/35/18 because I've seen my friends with evos run...
  12. [SOLD] Mint ES111 BBS LM Rep Wheels 18x9.5 +12

    For Sale (car parts)
    Wheels: Varrstoen ES111 (BBS LM Rep) 18x9.5 +12 (5x114.3) Up for sale are Varrstoen ES111 BBS LM Rep Wheels from my Evolution. Used these last Spring and Summer, and stored during the Winter. Wheels are pretty much mint as I put less than 500 miles on them. I also have brand new, never used...
  13. [SOLD] Varrstoen ES111 BBS Rep Wheels 18x9.5 +12 w/ Continental Extreme Contact 255/35 Tires

    For Sale (car parts)
    Sold Tires dismounted and sold.
  14. Anyone have 18 x 9.5 with 20 offset?

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    I've searched and searched this forum to find the answer but I am getting mixed answers when looking. I have stock suspension as of now, I am set on getting 18 X 9.5 wheels. I was originally going to get an offset of +15 but I realized I don't want the wheels sticking out. I found Rota's I want...
  15. Perfect wheel size?

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Looking at aftermarket wheels at the moment and leaning towards 9.5 over 8.5. Can anyone suggest a good offset for me, one that fits perfect and flush? This is all with stock suspension.
  16. F/S: Stock GSR Wheels and Tires

    Completed Transactions
    Selling my stock wheels and tires. Wheels have 17k miles on them and tires have just under 10k miles on them. One wheel has some rash (pictured below) and the rest are pretty clean, just normal wear and tear for 17k miles. Asking $800 + shipping OBO Will throw in a set of lugs if sold for the...
  17. Dunlop Winter Maxx XL Tires + OEM Wheels

    Completed Transactions
    Hey guys, since I no longer have an Evo the time has come to sell my winter tires and wheels. I bought these tires on 11/20/14 from Tire Rack and had them mounted and put on the car in December 14' until Mid March 15'. I would estimate these tires have 2,000 - 4,000 miles on them. The wheels...
  18. Need to clear space - Selling parts real cheap

    Non-Merchant Purgatory
    I need to reclaim space so everything must go. I prefer local pick for these I really don't want to haul that stuff out to fedex for shipping. These are spare rims, they've been spare rims for like three years now so I can't remember if any of them is bent. $200 takes em. Springs, shocks...
  19. Center Cap Replacements

    Evo X Vanity
    HEy guys I have the stock enkei wheels on my evo x gsr 2015. My canter caps were yellowing, I took them off so now it looks stupid any one know where I can get replacements for those wheels. They can be another brand!!! Thanks
  20. Ralliart Lug Nut noobie question..

    Evo X Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys, just recently bought my Evo x, with Ralliart Lugnuts, do I need a special socket to remove them? Or can I just use the stock wrench that's in my trunk with no socket?