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  1. Wanted to buy
    I thought Id post this in hopes that nobody here gets scammed. I posted a wtb thread and was immediately bombarded with PMs like this. I have this post over on another forum of which I am a moderator, and figured id post it here too since the scam is basically the same thing. Please be aware...
  2. Wanted to buy
    Need some help from the EVO X community to source me a stock cat so I can get my 2011 GSR to pass smog. Location: Ohio Can pick up local or pay shipping. Thanks all!
  3. Wanted to buy
    Any color. Any trim. Clean title. <125k miles. Built or not, doesn’t matter. $15-$18k budget. Can go a little higher if need be. Doesn’t have to be flawless but no bucket either. MANUAL ONLY please. Can travel out to the right one without an issue but closer to the DC area the easier obviously lol
  4. Evo X Engine (4B11T)
    Hey guys hope I'm posting in the right section. My motor shit the bed and broke a rod and it went through the block. Looking for a 2.2l or 2.0l oil pan up but not the head as mine is fine. Or just the short block will do. Mostly looking for ones intact (pistons,rods, crank) I'm in the pa area...
  5. Completed Transactions
    Im looking for an old dog whose tired of their old parts and want something new, or someone who just wants to give me a good deal on hard to find JDM goodies. Pretty much anything ARC (besides the air box and shift knob) I REALLY want the Titanium UICP. I know how much a used one should cost so...
  6. Completed Transactions
    Hey guys I just sold my Magnaflow catback. Looking for an AMS single mostly, but I'm up for almost anything. Just let me know what you got ASAP! Thanks.
  7. Completed Transactions
    I am located in central NJ and am looking for coilovers for a reasonable price. Please PM or post what you have. I have a 10" alpine type R enclosed subwoofer/kenwood amp, invidia high flow cat down pipe, and/or cash to offer. I can be reached via text at 908 279 5110. Thanks. :thumbup: -Jon
  8. Completed Transactions
    hey guys im in desperate need of some good tires for my stock enkeis. i do not want summer or winter tires. continental DWS would be my #1 pick but anything good you guys got please dont hesitate to let me know. as i said i need these pretty soon and pretty badly. let me know asap! i am in...
  9. Completed Transactions
    hey guys, im located in nnj. willing to travel around ~200 miles or so. im looking for a good condition, MANUAL for under 8k. ill know exactly what car im looking for wen i see it. i really would love a wrx but those are hard to find for this price in good condition. let me know what you or...
  10. Completed Transactions
    WTB: Stock Under Tray / Under Panel for EVO X (Complete Set). Willing to pay up to 60$, will pick up if it's local (SoCal). Regards..
  11. Completed Transactions
    Like the title says... Perrin Dual gauge Pod with or with or without the 52mm inserts. Ready to pay reasonable price!!!:$::$:
  12. Completed Transactions
    Looking for a reasonably priced stock or cheap throttle body inlet hose (the one that connects from the LICP. Also need a 3" turbo inlet hose. If you have either of these, let me know. Thanks. It'd be to 78247.
  13. Completed Transactions
    Hey guys, As it says, I am in need of a new rear O2 sensor. Please le mt know if you have a newish one in good working condition. i will paypal and pay for shipping. I have a couple of ones that i found for a decent price so hook me up with a deal :$::$: and lets do it. Thanks JD
1-13 of 16 Results