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08 evo x boosting over 30lb need help

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Hi everyone I just bought a 08 evo x with 28k miles this past weekend and today I got concerned. Give me a few minutes of your time to explain.
Specs :
- Artisan downpipe back catless single exhaust
- Intake cone filter with stock piping
- AEM fuel/air gauge with a serial port installed in the driver side where the fuse door is. The gauge isnt working at the moment just shows random p01 p02 codes i guess.
- a AMS performance sticker on the dashboard for an extra 15hp
- Everything else seems stock.

The car has a Defi link boost gauge set up but wasn't working because the last owner ran the wire across the firewall from the driver side to the passenger side to feed it through the firewall. Needless to say the exhaust heat burnt it up.
So today I cut the burnt part and rewired it, ran it through the driver side and got the boost gauge to work. Now what scares me is that the boost gauge was a 25lb + 3 more sticks so I'm assuming a 28lb gauge.
When I stomped on the car to check if it was tuned the needle was bouncing off the other side of the gauge indicating the car is boosting over 30lb and settles down around 26lb! Yikes.
I got the car like that with no information what so ever besides the obvious down pipe-back exhaust (no cat) a intake cone filter the boost gauge a non working aem air/fuel gauge and rims. I also noticed the exhaust manifold heat shield was missing as well. sigh..
I'm hoping its just a faulty boost gauge. I'm waiting for ssp shop here in Houston to be dis-occupied so I can take it and get it diagnosed to see whats going on but I'm anxious and if any of you have any information that could potentially prevent a catastrophe I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Update: it's definitely not the boost gauge as today I tried it again and it turned the traction off and showed me a "need service" which I've read happens when the 3bar reads over 30lb.

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