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10 tips for better sleep

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Good find. From my experience, it's rather true.
number 7 FTW.
7.. 7... 7..
triple sevens and some 8...
All of you are perverts!!!! :waiting::waiting::waiting: :waiting::waiting::waiting: :waiting::waiting::waiting:

My main issue is #4, especially during week days, I hate when the clock shows 4:20, I wake up at 5:00; it's hard for me to fall sleep again so I lose 40 minutes of sleep.
No 7 is probably why I am starting to sleep less and less after nightshifts. *sigh*.
All good info. The alcohol thing is definitely a recipe for bad sleep. I don't drink anymore, but when I did.....yeah, drinking would help me pass the eff out, but I swear I'd have the most disturbed, uncomfortable, non-rejuvenating sleep ever. Even if I didn't drink enough to make me sick or give me a hangover......I'd still wake up feeling like P. Diddy (which I assume feels pretty awful, despite what that dumb Ket$hup bitch implies).

Just disposed of my "happy" chemicals...
Visited the NSFW forum, i take it?
agree wid 7
great advice, 7 7 7 7 7 7
i usually have no problems sleeping at all. but sex definitely knocks me out every time.
Lol, I find that waiting until I am really tired is far better than laying in bed for two hours trying to fall asleep
7 hours is the optimal amount of sleep. More or less actually will take years off your life. It is also important to get deep sleep (REM sleep) since most of your body healing occurs between 2AM and 6AM, but only in REM sleep.

If you wake from sleep with a headache, more than likely you sleep on your stomach which is a bad idea for both your neck and your low back. If you stomach sleep regularly, there is no doubt you will have neck problems and headaches.

Finally, you should turn off all electronic devices about 1 hour before bedtime in order to get a pre start on getting your nervous system to shut down. Playing BLACK OPS until midnight and then going to bed is not going to make for good rest.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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