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12v Power Supply

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Hey all! I was just checking to see if anyone knew where a good 12v line might be running for me to tap into for my AEM AFR Gauge. Preferably an in cabin line... and picture or color of the chord would extra awesome. Thanks!
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:+1: I was thinking of installing cold cathode lights, and was thinking of where I could get the power supply.

A few ideas: Radio , Ignition, Cig lighter.

If I figure out how the dash comes apart in its many pieces, I will post a few pics. I'm stuck at work for all of today (0530-2245) but its a slow day. Not too many planes coming in. Double Holiday (x) Overtime (=) TBE :rock:
I made a new thread so its easier to find the pics here. Maybe someone has time to get in there with a voltmeter and test the wires. Or if they have diagrams, post them up.
If you look at the write up on installing the nav system, you will see all these wires identified. Well, not the ones in your pics, but the ones behind the stereo.
PDX, do you mean the PDF? I just looked through that and I didn't see anywhere where it said what wires were what. If I'm just crazy tell me lol. Thanks!
I would grab a main ignition lead for the AEM. You need to make sure it is only on when the car is on, as if it is powered at all times you'll burn out the sensor.
You are right, my apologies. I thought there was a wiring diagram in that write-up. I know there is one out and about the internets that shows the wiring for the back of this device. Do a search for installing a back up camera to the stock nav unit. Should be a link on that.
Righto I forgot to write that it needs to be ignition on only... I just want to know *what* line to use :p

Thanks again PDX
BUMP!!! Maybe I suck at searching but I still don't know a supply. Someone here must know after all these electronics have been installed
BUMP!!! Maybe I suck at searching but I still don't know a supply. Someone here must know after all these electronics have been installed
I would just tap into the cigarette lighter, There was a how to make your
own shift boot somewhere in one of the EVO forums,it should show you how to remove that area.
I think that power line for the cigarette lighter is 10 or 20 amp. I would'nt splice into anything under the dash unless I know what amp the line is running.
It needs to be ignition on so that wouldn't work : /
It needs to be ignition on so that wouldn't work : /
cigarette lighter dont turn on unless you turn on the ignition.
I might be wrong,I should check in the morning,Maybe its constant power?
Dam it late and im to lazy to check right now.
Ya know I think you're right. Thanks. Any chance you know which wire it is in the fuse box? Need to find it close enough to tap it.
Ok, seems like I need to post the wires that I use from the deck. It will make this easier. I wouldnt mess with that fuse box because its part of the E-TACS system.
Its one of the many ECU's in the car. The E-TACS ECU takes all the CAN signals from the engine ECU (Located under the hood), and relays all the information to the S-AWC ECU, your Console (which is why there is no Tac lead that I can find, its all done on CAN), and a few other internal ECU's. Pretty cool system actually.
What would be the risk of tapping the cigarette lighter fuse? Does that really go through an ECU?
I would say the risk is small. It would be easier, imho, to just pull the cig lighter unit out, and tap directly into that harness. Just be aware that, that particular circuit is one noisy s.o.b!
If you could post up some good wires to grab (preferable showing where they are on the driver side) it would be greatly helpful :p
Ok, the wires I used are on the back of the deck, and are as follows:

Battery POS - Pin 10 on the 20 pin plug (Red / White)
Battery NEG - Pin 20 on the 20 pin plug (Black)
Accessory - Pin 1 on the 20 pin plug (Yellow)
Dimmer - Pin 9 on the 20 pin plug (Green / White)
Antenna Pow - Pin 14 on the 20 pin plug (Pink)
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