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12v Power Supply

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Hey all! I was just checking to see if anyone knew where a good 12v line might be running for me to tap into for my AEM AFR Gauge. Preferably an in cabin line... and picture or color of the chord would extra awesome. Thanks!
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Awesome man appreciate it. Those all 12v?
^they all are 12.4 v line, 14.4 when you have the car running.
The only thing that worry me about tapping into the Stereo's power line is
the fuse blowing when you start adding more accessories to that same power line,
Since you are just trying to light up some gauges, and future wise, you will more then likely want to add some more to the same power line. Why not just tap into the Cig-Lighter when you don't use it that much.Plus it has the stronger amp fuse. I think removing the car center console is just as easy. Just my 2 cent.
But there should be nothing wrong with using the radio's power line if you keep it simple to a few gauges.
Cool. I'm just trying to light up 3 gauges. Thanks all for helping!

Do you think anyone of those is better then another?
Ok, the wires I used are on the back of the deck, and are as follows:

Battery POS - Pin 10 on the 20 pin plug (Red / White)
Battery NEG - Pin 20 on the 20 pin plug (Black)
Accessory - Pin 1 on the 20 pin plug (Yellow)
Dimmer - Pin 9 on the 20 pin plug (Green / White)
Antenna Pow - Pin 14 on the 20 pin plug (Pink)

As PDX shown above. You said you wanted ignition turn on.
you would only want to tap into the Accessory pin.
Battery+ will have you gauges lit all the time.
Dimmer if only if you gauges has a dimmer wire

Antenna, or remote turn on line are fairly weak, most range from 0.5 amp to 5 amp
I would not use them as a power source unless you have a relay wired up to some
power from the battery. When you start using relay then thing starts to get confusing.

Best bet would still use the Cig-lighter, or Accessory - Pin 1 on the 20 pin plug (Yellow)
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