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SO... long story short my rear diff is done! I was driving turned the corner and hit the gas heard a loud clanking noise, put on jacks to turn the wheel to reproduce the sound. The rear diff was rocking bad in my EVO X GSR and then I did some research and found out my suspicions were correct. Drained the fluid metal came out sure I broke the rack and pinion.*

So back to my post will the MR rear diff swap directly into my 2014 EVO X GSR if so what year MR can I swap directly without changing the axel's or mounts?*Here is the post that I was going off of, just so you understand I did my research.*

But the post are not clear on what diff I can swap directly*into my 14*EVO X GSR, I may have over read something but I need to order a rear diff and I want to make sure that I get everything that I need before I began to tear everything apart.*

So the question I need answered: Will the EVO X MR Diff swap with the EVO X GSR Diff without any other changes? If there are changes needed with the EVO X MR diff what are they?

Here is what it sounds like and what my 2014 EVO X GSR diff is doing:
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