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18x9.5+25 with 275-35-18 and stock suspension- Rubbing Issues?

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I've extensively searched this forum and others to find out if this will without any rubbing issues with stock suspension. From what I've read, most it seems that most people do 265 max but i'm hoping there are some people out there that have tried a 275 without having to roll fenders. Any help would be appreciated.


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So final verdict with 265-35-18 will i be in the clear, or will i still have issues with the +25 offset?
I'm running 265/35/18 +22 and no issues. I also ran this on stock suspension and auto x with stock suspension with no rubbing anywhere. Star specs are typically a bit oversized and bigger tire, so you *might* have some rubbing with the starspecs, but with say, RS3's or something along those lines you won't.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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