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Hi everybody, need some input on which wheels to get. I already decided to go with the Varrstoen ES 2.2.2 in 19x10.5. I am running eibach springs currently with stock shocks. I want a wheel that's going to be aggressive but I don't want to do much fender/camber work. The +22 would require a 5mm spacer for the front brakes to clear, the +12 would clear the brakes, but I'm worried on the amount of fender/camber work required. Would I be better off going 19x9.5 +12? Keep in mind I daily drive my evo. I do plan to get stretched tires for a easier fitment, something around 245. So my question is, what rim size would you go with?

1. 19x10.5 +12
2. 19x10.5 +22
3. 19x9.5 +12
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