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1st Accident.

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So off on a nice Easter Weekend drive or so I think, a father and daughter were arguing on the motorway. They fail to see me stop at a giveway sign on the motorway offramp.. so they gave me a nice little shunt in the back, I think I was moving forward slightly so the hit wasn't as hard as it could've been and actually doesn't look too bad in the photos but looks worse in real life :S

I had the wife and my 16 month old boy in there who were both fine, but my other baby got her @ss bent out of shape.

I think a new rear bumper will be required its folded out to the sides of the car, I don't think the chassis was touched but no longer a pristine car :(.. it actually doesnt look too bad on photos but looks pretty bad close up.

Airbags didnt go off either.. the car felt pretty solid when hit, considering the other car was a big 4X4.. luckily it didn't have bull-bars.

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Ouch. It hurts to read this. Sorry about the unfortunate day you had.
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