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2.2L Engine, Phantom Knock

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Hello Everyone,

Since my 2.2L built, İ'm experiencing heavy phantom knock problems.
İ already increased the knock filter multiplier table, but i'm reluctant to increase it more. İ'm at 23 mid range and 21 uptop. İ would be grateful if owners with 2.2l setups can share their knock filter multiplier table so that İ have an idea of what the values should be.

Thank you
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I posted this on the other forum, so here goes...

this was verified using a knockbox/headset + dyno , 93 octane, 26-27psi boost and a 2.2 with CR9.5
That is all the boost i ever plan on running with 93

There are peaks where it knocks on my motor
Mine was at 4500-5000 and at 6000-6500.
I'm sure every car will be quite different, but this is what worked for me :)
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Oh and PS you REALLY need to set these on a dyno with detcans/headset.
i thought i had phantom knock at 6000rpm and fairly low timing, but it was real.
Hello Beeble,

I've tried to pickup knock on detcans, but the lifters make such a big noise
I am not sure what i am hearing!
What timing did you end up running at 6000 rpm and what is your boost at this rpm?
Can you send me your email address pls?

You'll know it when you hear it. it sounds like gravel rolling around in a tin can, is the best way i can describe it.
I'll send you a PM
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